When I sit down to write a book, I don’t ask myself, ‘How many am I going to sell?’ When I get on the dance floor, my purpose in being on the dance floor is not to end up at another spot when the music stops. The purpose of the dance is to enjoy every step along the way. When I go to a music concert, I don’t say, ‘My purpose is to get to the end and enjoy the finale.’ If that were the purpose, everybody would write finales and nothing more. The purpose of the concert is to enjoy each note as you go along.

Wayne Dyer


There is nothing more revitalizing than a new beginning or better yet, a new year. A new year is the perfect reminder to evaluate your progress over the past 12 months & to realign yourself with what you want.

One of my favorite lessons I learned after my evaluation of 2013 was to stop trying to figure out why things go wrong in my life. Before I came to this realization, if something unwanted happen, my thoughts went –

“What am I manifesting? Why did (situation a) happen? What was I thinking about that made (situation a) happen? How can I prevent (situation a) from happening in the future? I have to figure out why or (situation a) is just going to happen again.”

I will be the first to tell you that this thought sequence does not solve anything. Even when I “figured out” why something unwanted happen, it did not take my attention off of it. I always had to go deeper.

Luckily, Wayne Dyer saved me from my habit of limiting thoughts in his interview with New Dimensions for his book Manifest Your Destiny. I was jolted back to remembering what I’ve always known when Wayne reminded me that whatever I really want and whatever I really don’t want are both going to show up in my life. By default, in order to strongly not want something, I must be thinking about it & placing my attention on it…aka manifesting the unwanted.

Our attention is all that we have. We live in a feeling universe that mirrors back what we think about, regardless of whether the thoughts are in terms of NOT wanting or like I mentioned above, examining why the unwanted showed up. My advice to my future self of 2014 is simple: if you don’t want something, don’t think or feel or try to figure out anything about it.

Like Einstein said, your imagination is a view of lifes coming attractions. My New Years Resolution for 2014 is to keep my eye on the prize & brush off whatever doesn’t line up with my prize. After all, the key to manifesting what you want is love & the opposite of love is indifference….not annoyance. Heres to keeping our thoughts on what we love & being indifferent about what we don’t.




I don’t know about you guys, but I loathe going to the gym. I enjoy yoga & barre, but it is very hard for me to get inspired to go to the gym and just “burn calories” or whatever.

Today I was watching a key note speech given by one of my favorite people, Deepak Chopra, & he mentioned this project he was working on called theWeightless Project. He showed a two minute video that brought me to tears….

but the i’m-so-ecstatic-i-dont-know-what-to-do-with-myself kind of tears.

For every 1000 calories you burn, $1 is donated to starving kids across the world. This project is helping the obesity epidemic in America while alsohelping nourish the starving people across the world? Seems like a no brainer to me. I recommend taking a gander at this site & watching the video. Like I said, you’ll have a big ole happy cry.

So grab a fit bit or a jawbone & do something more with those calories you burn! xx – Cath