The Clean Program: review & giveaway

I write to you from feeling-like-Beyoncè land to announce that I have completed my first cleanse from Dr. Alejandro Junger’s “The Clean Program.” I’ve tried different forms of cleansing in the past because of all of  the hype, but The Clean Program hits the ball out of the park. The product from the Clean Program I used was the 7 Day Cleanse. The focus of this cleanse is to support energy levels, promote good digestion (think less bloat), and improve mental clarity. Sounds like the mumbo jumbo promise of every cleanse you’ve ever read about, right?


No mumbo jumbo promises involved with this cleanse. The improved energy I’m feeling as a result of this 7 Day process is the bees knees. In fact, the amount of energy & less bloat I have continually felt during and since the cleanse has inspired my lazy butt to not only make healthy lifestyle changes, but also to order the CLEAN shakes and supplements to keep on hand to use daily.  I am so thrilled that Dr. Junger has developed a cleansing program that incorporates high quality ingredients (in the shakes and supplements) and an easy to follow diet structure that I can continue into my oh so busy everyday life. I didn’t know it was possible to feel this good without depriving myself. Well, minus the whole no alcohol (aka no champagne) thing…….

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Anyways, now that you’ve read my overall thoughts and feelings on the cleanse, here is a breakdown of how I ate on the 7 Days of cleanse. In preparation for the cleanse (or operation feel like Beyoncè), I grocery shopped for my lunches and for the ingredients I wanted to mix with my breakfast & dinner shakes.

Here is my relatively hassle free grocery list:

2 rotisserie chickens

4 organic avocados

4  apples

3 lemons

Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter (food of the gods)

2 Cartons of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (goes great with the vanilla shakes and a splash of cinnamon)

Bag of brown rice

Bag of Quinoa

For lunches throughout the cleanse, I chose to alternate between two options: a large bowl of  brown rice, quinoa, and chopped avocado with a splash of lemon and a plate of rotisserie chicken & half an avocado. For my breakfast and dinner shakes, I mixed the vanilla shake packets with almond milk, cinnamon, and 2 spoonfuls of almond butter. I highly recommend adding the almond butter to your shakes because it keeps you satiated longer aka prevents you from wanting to gnaw ones arm off. So my days consisted of a morning shake, a packed lunch, and a shake for dinner. You can find a full list of what you can and can’t eat here.

the clean program review

Before I reveal the giveaway I have in store for you guys, I want to mention my favorite concept from The Clean Program called the 12 hour window. According to The Clean Program, the 12 hour window is the amount of time required  between the breakfast and dinner shakes to promote the cleansing process while you sleep. The 12 hour window provides the 8 hours your body needs to digest and the 4 hours it needs to cleanse. I made a point to allow myself twelve hours between my dinner shake & morning shake and have continued the use of this concept after finishing the cleanse. I have noticed a significant increase in my quality of beauty sleep. Even if you don’t give this cleanse a whirl, I recommend following the 12 hour window concept to see how you feel!

Ok, I’ve rambled enough about my obsession with The Clean Program – now for the good stuff. If you are interested in trying this 7 Day Cleanse, check out all the invaluable information at The Clean Program’s website here.  Also,  I am giving away a FREE 7 Day Cleanse for you guys! The more you share this post, the more chances you have to win a free 7 Day Cleanse from The Clean Program ($164 value)!  Click on the ” A Rafflecopter Giveaway” link below for all of the instructions. Good luck, my loves!

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Origin Face Mask Review

Oh, you mean everyone doesn’t opt for “gift wrapping” when ordering things for themselves online?

Thanks to the valued advice of the one & only msalexcooley, I found some great gifts for myself & delicious face masks that make me feel like miss fancy pants aka best feeling ever. Since when did fancy become a bottle of Origins face mask for 25 bucks? I don’t know, but I like it.

Immediately after opening my gifts from me to me, I started with the Charcoal mask for a quick fifteen and skipped my beloved La Mer (first time ever) in lieu of the overnight Origins Drink Up intensive mask. In order to not disappoint my obsessive personality, I masked with both of these Origins masks, partly because I was so excited & partly to insure the best results possible.

I woke up more than pleased because who doesn’t love immediate results from face masks that are 25 bucks? No one.

Loreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara Review

I go through mascara faster than anyone I know which means I’ve bought and tried more mascara than anyone I know. Pictured above are the mascaras I’ve used in the past – but the first picture in this sequence is a drugstore (yes, drugstore) mascara that is currently blowing my mind.

The Loreal Voluminous Butterfly mascara was a recommendation by my 15 year old little sister who is a YouTube addict. She always hears about the latest products faster than yours, I opted to use her tube and was hopelessly hooked.

This mascara made my lashes look longer, fuller, and the shape of the brush allowed me to get more product onto my lashes. I have tried & loved the YSL singulier, the Chanel Inimitable, Maybelline falsies, the Clinique High Impact mascara & the infamous Diorshow.

For the price and the awesome look of the Loreal Butterfly, you can’t beat it. Next time you are at Target, relish in this luxurious $8 mascara.