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t shirt maxi dressOver the course of the summer, I have been dabbling in Marie Kondo’s book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” in an attempt to get my room & wardrobe organized once and for all (aka I am a recovering hoarder.) Marie’s solution to this conundrum consists of making sure everything I own brings joy & has a designated place in my abode. As you can imagine, applying this principle is quite challenging when dealing with all things related to my wardrobe. I have come across so many pieces of clothing that I haven’t worn in what feels like forever and I almost never can find it in me to get rid of these pieces despite my attempts to learn this Japanese organization method. Instead, I do the complete opposite of what Marie Kondo intended by adding my lost and found collection into the mix of my everyday attire with a different style. By different, I don’t mean anything strikingly profound. I simply mean I tie a knot somewhere in said piece of clothing. My mantra for the summer should have been “tie a knot in it” because this has come in handy countless times over the past couple months. My point is knots are a great way to change up something you already own for multiple wears. Shop this maxi from old faithful Forever 21 below and pick up these Belle by Sigerson Morrison flats at the Shoebox in RVA!

PS I’m not giving up on this organization method! Stay tuned for future progress notes on my tidying project.

Blogged while listening to “Free” by Cody Simpson. 

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