Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.

Arthur Schopenhauer


There is nothing more revitalizing than a new beginning or better yet, a new year. A new year is the perfect reminder to evaluate your progress over the past 12 months & to realign yourself with what you want.

One of my favorite lessons I learned after my evaluation of 2013 was to stop trying to figure out why things go wrong in my life. Before I came to this realization, if something unwanted happen, my thoughts went –

“What am I manifesting? Why did (situation a) happen? What was I thinking about that made (situation a) happen? How can I prevent (situation a) from happening in the future? I have to figure out why or (situation a) is just going to happen again.”

I will be the first to tell you that this thought sequence does not solve anything. Even when I “figured out” why something unwanted happen, it did not take my attention off of it. I always had to go deeper.

Luckily, Wayne Dyer saved me from my habit of limiting thoughts in his interview with New Dimensions for his book Manifest Your Destiny. I was jolted back to remembering what I’ve always known when Wayne reminded me that whatever I really want and whatever I really don’t want are both going to show up in my life. By default, in order to strongly not want something, I must be thinking about it & placing my attention on it…aka manifesting the unwanted.

Our attention is all that we have. We live in a feeling universe that mirrors back what we think about, regardless of whether the thoughts are in terms of NOT wanting or like I mentioned above, examining why the unwanted showed up. My advice to my future self of 2014 is simple: if you don’t want something, don’t think or feel or try to figure out anything about it.

Like Einstein said, your imagination is a view of lifes coming attractions. My New Years Resolution for 2014 is to keep my eye on the prize & brush off whatever doesn’t line up with my prize. After all, the key to manifesting what you want is love & the opposite of love is indifference….not annoyance. Heres to keeping our thoughts on what we love & being indifferent about what we don’t.