Ever since I can remember, I was an avid journal-er. Keyword: was.

Since my graduation from Virginia Tech, I have journaled consistently only when I am wading through a hard time. Other than those oh-so-wonderful-hard-times, I have allowed myself to digress into a sporadic journal-er post college graduation. I hadn’t even noticed I’d put my hobby on the back-burner until I came across the TIME article that we mentioned in our Weekly Roundup yesterday here.

Needles to say, this article has made a mark on my lazy brain because I have been carrying my journal around with me everywhere since it came into my life. There is something to be said about writing about…nothing. Maybe most of my sentences aren’t complete, I use too many abbreviations, and reference too many pop songs – but I feel saner & I know my future self will thank me for it. Plus, we all know reading old entries and getting insight or a belly laugh is the best part.

Blogged while listening to “Pyscho” by Rozzi Crane.

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