A Glimpse into my A.D.D. Mind

This compilation of photography is entitled  A Glimpse Into my A.D.D. Mind 


1. mary-kate and ashley magazine: yes, I bought and kept every single issue of this wonderful publication (unfortunately for my psycho-MKA-obsessive self, there weren’t many). Another psycho-MKA-obsessive-catherine tid bit: I started listening to and forcing myself to like Nelly Furtado circa 2000 soley because Mary Kate recommended her Whoa, Nelly album in this magazine. Anything Mary Kate does I must do, excluding a stint in rehab but DEFINITELY including a vintage Cartier engagement ring.


2. Jessica Simpson’s Beverly Hills home: Guys, I am so excited that Jess is getting her shit back together. Since her Newlyweds days, I have been deeply in love with her. And it took me some time, but I have finally come to terms with her divorce from the dreamy Nick Lachey.

Jess, we should be friends so we can do daily meditations together by your wishing well.


3. Julia Sarr Jamois in Louis Vuitton Monogram shoes: Sounds obscene, right?

I’m a die hard Louis Vuitton fan and even I NEVER thought I would venture outside of handbags in terms of the LV monogram canvas. But apparently never say never because I am 90% into these booties (under the condition that they are paired with a look sans ANY other monogram canvas piece.) I know It’s not very French of me to enjoy such gaudy boots but sometimes a girl has to listen to her heart.

PS I know I’m not French but I do talk to myself as if I am. You know, the whole pretending thing.


4. Christine Centenera (Fashion director at Vogue): I’m really into eye catching hemlines that create an unpolished look like this one. “Unpolished” is my daily style mantra.

Today i feel compelled to stop at 4 pictures because 4 is my lucky number. I was born on the fourth, my basketball number was 4 (what? me? sport? yes, I sat the bench) , and it’s just all around a really aesthetically pleasing number.

Basically, longer letter later chicky poos.



( pictures 3 & 4 are from collegevintage.com)