Girl Crush Style

Guys, I really loveeeeee clothes.

And I don’t mean in a cutesy, let’s-play-dress-up way.

I mean it in more of a I-have-a-problem-way.

In my measly attempt to put my “problem” to some sort of use, I am featuring my girl crushes (who can do some amazing things w my love, clothes) for this here Influence post.

Here is the lineup:


1. Brittany from thrifts and threads is based in Southern California and kills it in the #ootd department. She posts regularly (which is notable because I can’t seem to cultivate that habit) and makes everything she wears look effortless. She can transform a thrift store find into a runway look.


2. Carey from corks + caftans  has been nominated for several awards for her blog she has been doing with her hubby since 2008ish, but the coolest was when she was recognized by Shopbop for her killer style. She is a RVA girl, so I am a bit partial, but the thing I love most about Carey is that not only is her style is amazing but she can write beautifully. You can check out her looks and intriguing thoughts on corks + caftans, follow her fan house renovation for home decor inspiration on Our Own Fan House, and find her on instagram-ing and ish here: @wodehizzle.


3. This last Influence picture this week is of Rachele from ZFB . Does this look knock your socks off or what? Her outfit featured here is self exclamatory as to why you should stalk (yes, I said it STALK) Rachele on ALL forms of social media: her blogher twitter, and her instagram. I am very into the way Rachele puts things together.

P.S Don’t be shy in admitting to yourself and the rest of the universe that these ladies dress like mother trucking rock stars.