Dancing on My Own

nifty 3In the spirit of Halloween (my all time favorite day, stay tuned for my costume post), what do you do regularly that scares you or that causes you to step outside your comfort zone? “Do one thing a day that scares you” is one of those quote-things that appears in lots of self help articles, books, and well…the Lululemon manifesto. Basically, it’s everywhere. I have seen this quote so many times that I have come to reference it often, even in important situations like when debating dancing/singing to Shania Twain by myself in my non-tinted-windows-car. (Wait, did I just giveaway that I read too many self-help every things and dance by myself in my car?) Why yes, this is my little way of scaring myself once a day: by dancing and singing loudly while driving (hands on the wheel, obvi) when others can clearly see me. Do they care? No. Does it scare me still? Eh, kinda. I’m a pretty normal-ish human who cares about what strangers driving by me think. Ridiculous as it may seem, what I’m trying to say is I’m not one for sky diving or haunted hay rides or bungee jumping or roller coasters or anything the average joe would consider scary or at the very least, an adrenaline rush. I scare myself by dancing visibly in my car by myself to super-dee-duper fun pop music. We all have to start somewhere as the self-help writings also say and at this rate, maybe I’ll watch a scary movie by the time I’m 50.

Posted while listening to: “Dancing on My Own” by Robyn

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