Labor Day Weekend Shopping Spree

Three day weekends mean that Catherine has more free time to make excuses to shop aka support the economy. Here is my list of contributions:

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1. 13-inch Macbook Air: you have changed my life forever. You are so thin & so fast, I can barely take my eyes off of you. Well, that is if I were to write a (non technical) love letter.

2. Danielle LaPorte’s orange book – Firestarter Sessions – has become one of my most recent accessories. I don’t go anywhere without it. Why? Bc I may have a spare moment to crack it open in between all things life. This book is jam packed with contagious, inspiring, creative, go-change-the- world-by-being-you energy. (have you ordered one yet?) It works for me. I like the way she speaks/teaches/coaches. Honestly, it is one of the reasons I am making a pact with myself to consistently blog. Just like the the title says, Danielle literally lights a fire under your arse – creatively speaking, of course.

3. GOLD turquoise jewelry, finally. I swear turquoise is paired with silver jewelry 80% of the time so when I saw a TON of gold turquoise jewelry in a new store in RVA called Altar’d State, I practiced self control and only left with 2 pieces.

Common question while shopping with moi: “Cath, don’t you already have that?” Loud sigh on my end, combined with a very stern reply: “No, I don’t have one that does [minor invisible detail] thisssssss.” Ok- big deal, I tend to purchase a variety of the same 4 things: booties, well cut t-shirts, turquoise jewelry, and anything black. One could say it is my uniform but you never know when the cycle of beautiful things may change. One day I may come home with a big poofy Cinderella dress in lieu of a hypothetical black tie event bc guys, I’m not that boring or predictable.

Tassel Necklace || Stone Age Bangle Set

4. SAM EDELMAN LOUIE BOOTIESYes, I am behind the band wagon on these and yes, I have had the target version. So you can imagine my excitement when my eyeballs saw these beauties at Nordstrom’s Rack over the weekend. I looked like an absolute psychopath.. No, guys, this is serious. I have a tendency to freeze up when something unexpected happens – and by freeze up I mean look like an alien/make awkward facial expressions etc. Well, I started reaching for the booties really slowly while refusing to look at the size until I tried to them on bc I was afraid of sheer disappointment. Heres the thing: I have looked on website after website for these booties and was continously let down. There was a complete lack of my size (which ranges from a 6-7 depending on how badly I want the shoe, in this case 6, 7 or maybe 8 would have worked..) I was full of peace when these booties fit like a kind of glove and I discovered that these booties were a size 7. Thank you, universe.

5. Paper straws: Anyone who is anyone has paper straws these days. I guess we have Instagram and the bar cart fad to thank for this. Despite the fact that the idea of “paper” straws seem like a soggy idea to me, the power of persuasion really worked here. I have a hypothetical pinterest bar cart and I’m a beer and wine girl but when I saw the straws, I suddenly couldn’t live without them. Sometimes I like beer through a straw anyways.


6. We the Free Circle in the Sand Tee by Free People. I bought this shirt in army green on Friday afternoon and took it off once for a wedding. Yes, I slept in it. Yes, I did the wedding parties makeup in it (video & pics to come!!!!!) It is my soulmate in T-shirt form.

Create Your Own Spa Meditation

Over this past month, I have had several inquiries about my personal meditation practice. I should start by clarifying that I do not sit indian style on a fancy pillow chanting “om.” I use meditation in a way that allows me to do it daily and passionately without feeling bogged down by a chore. Chore = snore.

How do I do this, you ask?

Below are my tips on how I turn my meditations into my own luxorious abyss that resembles what I like to call – “a spa meditation.”

Spa Meditation Guidelines:

1. Use headphones. Preferably ones that allow you to lay on your back comfortably without noticing they are in your ears.

I prefer the Bose Quiet Comfort Noise Cancelling Headphones. 

2. Use a guided meditation that is conducted by a voice that puts you at ease & simultaneously includes soothing background music such as theta brain waves, subtle nature sounds, or tibetan bell chimes.

I realized the value of a good guided meditation when I was reading the 40 Day May Cause Miracles book by Gabby Bernstein. I tried to perform each day’s tasks as they were listed in hopes of getting the most out of Gabby’s 40 day process. Doing so involved activities such as journaling & listening to meditations guided by Gabby Bernstein. The journaling was an effective tool for me, but her meditations were the opposite of effective. Personally, something about her voice and the eerie lack of background music did not relax me. As a result, I got into the habit of thinking I was never going to master the coveted skill of meditation until I found (drumroll please) my beloved Chopra Center Guided Meditations. These meditations are as relaxing as a full day at the spa.

The cherry on top? They are short & sweet and embedded with powerful messages.

3. Remember that you can either sit indian style with your spine erect and neck straight or you can lay on your back. If you choose to lay on your back, it is important to keep your neck straight so that the energy of your chakras and meridians may flow freely. Try to avoid using a pillow under your head.

I choose to lay on my back because this position allows me to breathe deeply and get into my spa meditation groove faster than sitting indian style. 

4. Purchase a few of my favorite Spa Meditation accessories

– A Sleep Mask

– Young Living Essential Oil: Peace & Calm (place it on your third eye or into a diffuser)

– A Salt Lamp for soothing light

5. Last but not least, pick an easy, doable time to meditate and stick to it.

I meditate before I get out of bed in the morning, before I fall asleep at night, and sometimes on my lunch break if I need an extra dose of positivity. If you are doing meditation in a way that works best for you, I promise you will become addicted to the change in lifestyle & the better sleep you will experience.