These Boots Were Made for my Closet >> the playlist

I have a habit of making playlists when I am daydreaming about items that should be in my closet or on my body…but aren’t. This creative process eases the longing that comes along with not being able to acquire said items. To clarify, these oh so inspired playlists are reserved for the types of beautiful things that require a lot of pretending and saving (the worst) on my part and not the “easy” ones.


I am currently saving for and daydreaming about these Alexander Wang Lys Polished-Leather Ankle Boots while jamming out to this playlist:

These Boots Were Made for my Closet

1.  Bravado – Lorde

2. Connect – Drake

3. Up We Go – Lights

4. Archie, Marry Me – Alvvays

5. Steal My Girl – One Direction

6. Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey – John Mayer

7. Goddess – Banks

8. Ashley – Big Sean feat Miguel

9.  Pretend – Tinashè feat A$AP Rocky

>> PS This song is the Single of the Week on iTunes fo free!

10. Almost Perfect – Ingram Hill

As your listening to These Boots Were Made for my Closet, try not to picture me dancing around my room pretending to wear these A Wang boots because that is not how it happens. You can find the whole playlist on Rdio here.



What I’m Listening To >> First Aid Kit

Since my positive energy kick, I have neglected the side of my soul that appreciates realms of other music besides “UPBEAT!!!!!!!!” in fear of losing any “good vibes.” (UPBEAT!!!! is somewhere between T Swift & Drake) Embarrassingly, I have been pretty adamant about this decision.

Sounds painful right?

Fear not.


Let it be known that First Aid Kit gave me a (much needed) swift kick in the rear. Leave it to the Söderberg girls Dixie Chickesque folk sound to help me realize my avoidance method was a grade A rookie mistake. Their beautiful harmony + resonating lyrics + impeccably done album cover (I am a sucker for the clothing ensembles) forced me to reconsider my upbeat music only rampage.

This realization being said – how could I forget that I love to turn up a track like Waitress Song while driving just to revel in the feelings that come up? It’s the Waitress Song I have to thank. This song catapulted my obsession with the Stay Gold album …. essentially onto the island of abrasive replays. (aka my roommates hate me….)

If you have the pleasure of listening to this song for the first time: get in your car, roll down the windows, blast the Waitress Song, & beware of the island of abrasive replays.

PS If you happen to find yourself on said island, rejoice because they are on tour. Richmonders, that goes for you too. See you there October 26th.



Black Chiffon | Summer Playlist


High for this | Ellie Goulding

Peaches | Into the Valley

Two On (remix) | Tinashe feat Drake

Gimme Sympathy | Metric

XO | John Mayer

Crew Love | Drake feat The Weeknd

Keep Your Head Up | Ben Howard

Human | Cher Lloyd

It Ain’t Yours to Throw Away | Sam Palladio & Clare Bowen

The Mashup | Girls United 

Recovering the Satellites | Counting Crows

4ever | The Veronicas

It’s the Night time | Josh Rouse

Walking on a Dream | Empire of the Sun