Wishlist Wednesday: Lottery Style

If this wish list is any indication, its all too easy to be completely impractical when it comes to making a wish list for the day that you win the lottery. If you haven’t ever made a wish list for the day you win the lottery, I suggest that you do for two reasons: is great fun and what better time to make a lottery wish list than when the jackpot has risen into the billions? Yes, you read that right: BILLIONS. Here are a couple of things I would invest in if we hit those winning numbers:


Veuve Clicquot Rosè Flute Set / Hermes Birkin / Yeezy Boost Elizabeth and James Feather Dress / 100 Baies Diptyque Candles / Aquazarra Forever Marilyn Heels / Lovers and Friends Denim / Louis Vuitton Blanket / Purse Pom Pom (similar here)

Happy Half-Birthday to Me

As I sit here listening to “Wild Things” by Alessia Cara drinking my espresso con panna, I am thinking on the past six months of 27 in an attempt to make this half-birthday celebration less silly. Despite the quizzical looks that follow my mention of half-birthdays to just about anyone, I still think half-birthdays are an awesome reminder to re-evaluate your goals, re-calibrate your life towards them, and to drink a little more champagne in celebration of you.

The older I get, the more sentimental I become about growing up and the more I find myself blasting Jay-Z’s “Forever Young.” If I’m feeling especially celebratory of perpetual youth, I watch this. Regardless of my Peter Pan never-grow-up mentality as of late, I think it is important to appreciate your past (even if it is just 6 months) and where it has brought you as often as you can as a reminder to savor as much as you can in the moment. At the heart of all good things is gratitude and what better time to remind yourself to be grateful but on your half-birthday!

Here is my photo journal of a couple of things I am grateful for over the past 6 months:


The Crystal Press has been a huge part of my life the past 6 monthsIMG_5444FullSizeRender

I have an unhealthy obsession with Drake & got to see him live for the first time at the 2015 ACL Music Festival thanks to my wonderful boyfriend!

The best facial of my life at the Four Seasons Austin!IMG_5434

Four Seasons relaxation station.IMG_5393IMG_5414

Being touristy in San Francisco at the Golden Gate Bridge gift shop.


M obsession with Irish coffees began at The Buena Vista Cafe in San Francisco.


The launch of the Chanel Boyfriend watch at New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015.

My first time visiting one of my very best friends in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.IMG_5124

Chatting it up with Tony Oller which is even cooler now because he’s been on stage with the revered Taylor Swift.

NYFW S/S 2015.IMG_5307 IMG_5350

The world races in Richmond, Va for the UCI bike race. Such an amazing time for my city!


The Crystal Press & Free People event at the Richmond store!

My favorite tropical vacation of all time, St. John.

Thats a wrap, folks. Let me know what you do to celebrate birthdays or half-birthdays. I’d love to hear your traditions!



The Clean Program: review & giveaway

I write to you from feeling-like-Beyoncè land to announce that I have completed my first cleanse from Dr. Alejandro Junger’s “The Clean Program.” I’ve tried different forms of cleansing in the past because of all of  the hype, but The Clean Program hits the ball out of the park. The product from the Clean Program I used was the 7 Day Cleanse. The focus of this cleanse is to support energy levels, promote good digestion (think less bloat), and improve mental clarity. Sounds like the mumbo jumbo promise of every cleanse you’ve ever read about, right?


No mumbo jumbo promises involved with this cleanse. The improved energy I’m feeling as a result of this 7 Day process is the bees knees. In fact, the amount of energy & less bloat I have continually felt during and since the cleanse has inspired my lazy butt to not only make healthy lifestyle changes, but also to order the CLEAN shakes and supplements to keep on hand to use daily.  I am so thrilled that Dr. Junger has developed a cleansing program that incorporates high quality ingredients (in the shakes and supplements) and an easy to follow diet structure that I can continue into my oh so busy everyday life. I didn’t know it was possible to feel this good without depriving myself. Well, minus the whole no alcohol (aka no champagne) thing…….

clean program review blogger

Anyways, now that you’ve read my overall thoughts and feelings on the cleanse, here is a breakdown of how I ate on the 7 Days of cleanse. In preparation for the cleanse (or operation feel like Beyoncè), I grocery shopped for my lunches and for the ingredients I wanted to mix with my breakfast & dinner shakes.

Here is my relatively hassle free grocery list:

2 rotisserie chickens

4 organic avocados

4  apples

3 lemons

Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter (food of the gods)

2 Cartons of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (goes great with the vanilla shakes and a splash of cinnamon)

Bag of brown rice

Bag of Quinoa

For lunches throughout the cleanse, I chose to alternate between two options: a large bowl of  brown rice, quinoa, and chopped avocado with a splash of lemon and a plate of rotisserie chicken & half an avocado. For my breakfast and dinner shakes, I mixed the vanilla shake packets with almond milk, cinnamon, and 2 spoonfuls of almond butter. I highly recommend adding the almond butter to your shakes because it keeps you satiated longer aka prevents you from wanting to gnaw ones arm off. So my days consisted of a morning shake, a packed lunch, and a shake for dinner. You can find a full list of what you can and can’t eat here.

the clean program review

Before I reveal the giveaway I have in store for you guys, I want to mention my favorite concept from The Clean Program called the 12 hour window. According to The Clean Program, the 12 hour window is the amount of time required  between the breakfast and dinner shakes to promote the cleansing process while you sleep. The 12 hour window provides the 8 hours your body needs to digest and the 4 hours it needs to cleanse. I made a point to allow myself twelve hours between my dinner shake & morning shake and have continued the use of this concept after finishing the cleanse. I have noticed a significant increase in my quality of beauty sleep. Even if you don’t give this cleanse a whirl, I recommend following the 12 hour window concept to see how you feel!

Ok, I’ve rambled enough about my obsession with The Clean Program – now for the good stuff. If you are interested in trying this 7 Day Cleanse, check out all the invaluable information at The Clean Program’s website here.  Also,  I am giving away a FREE 7 Day Cleanse for you guys! The more you share this post, the more chances you have to win a free 7 Day Cleanse from The Clean Program ($164 value)!  Click on the ” A Rafflecopter Giveaway” link below for all of the instructions. Good luck, my loves!

a Rafflecopter giveaway



MAKEUP bag reveal

 While most people my age are doing gender reveals, I am getting really intimate and doing a makeup bag reveal. For the first time on the world wide web – my makeup bag:

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 10.24.50 PM

1. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in Radiance ||  bc I’m obsessed with the dewy look. I’ve tried the beloved Smashbox primers, but they don’t do it for me. My biggest pet peeve is when my foundation sinks into my face/pores for a very matte look. What do I do to prevent this? Smother my face in la mer and this primer.

Overkill? No. C’mon, we all have our ticks.

2. Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation in Light Sand & Tarte Amazonian Clay Concealer in Fair || I always have to use something semi organic in my routine to make me feel as though I’m taking good care of my epidermis. This amazonian clay formula used in both the Tarte Concealer and Foundation is long wear, super blendable, and looks better the longer you wear it throughout the day. Remember, it’s natural.

3. Armani Eyes to Kill Eyeshadow Pallette in 7 Blush w Chanel eyeshadow brush || this is the perfect eye palette for any occasion, you can go from day to night by adding more and more maroon. As for the Chanel eyeshadow brush I can’t live with out, it is meant for contouring, but I use it for just about everything except for eyeliner. #Rebel

4. NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in Blonde || even if I am running out the door with just mascara aka not my whole Kim K face, you can bet your bottom dollar I’m using my 1st grade coloring skills to do my eyebrows ALWAYS. Didn’t anyone ever tell you these two suckers frame the face?

5. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Beige || I told you I was a big fan of the dewy look, I use this to highlight and sometimes get carried away and put it pretty much all over my face. ALL GLOW IS GOOD GLOW.

PS I forever fear getting a big fat sparkle stuck in one of my pours. Sparkly eyeshadows? Gross.

This is precisely why I prefer Bobbi Brown metallic anything: shimmer brick, eyeshadow, blush etc. I don’t do “sparkles” on my face and I say face because you know it always falls from your eyes to your face. Rant over.

6. Tarte Lipstain in Hope || these lip stains are my newest obsession. i don’t leave home without at least 2 different shades.

7. Bobbi Brown Blush in Sand Pink || this blush matches the shade of lipstick I tend to wear, I try to match the two as often as I remember.

8. Loreal Butterfly mascara in Blackest black || gimme 3 coats, and I’m good to go.

9. NYX color corrector in yellow: I am forever battling dark circles and no, it’s not because I party too much. I’m pretty sure its genetic.

Anyways, I’ve tried the pink and orange color correctors to cover up my devilish dark circles like most beauty counters would recommend, but those correctors are for circles that tend to be blue. My dark circles are more on the purple side so I need a yellow corrector to cover these bad boys up. This is the only yellow one I could find and I carry it with me evvvvvverywhere. Dark circles are my arch nemesis.

PS color corrector exists so that you don’t make the number one mistake in eye makeup application: slapping concealer under your eyes to “cover up” your dark circles….only to turn them gray. Womp. Make sure to balance your dark circles with the color corrector that suits you and then apply your usual concealer over top for the bright eye and bushy tailed effect. In a jiffy, your night on the town is invisible.



rub a dub in ze tub

Today is a great day bc I decided that it is the the perfect day for me to reveal what magical potions I shower with regularly. Behold, how I rub a dub in ze tub (or something like it) :

IMG_3122 1. Dry brushing, dry brushing, dry brushing. Have you googled it yet? Before I get into the shower, I always dry brush. Dry brushing is 100% addicting because it feels a-maaaaazing. If that isn’t a good enough reason to be a religious dry brusher, how about because it stimulates circulation, cleans your lymph, and can reduce cellulite? P.S Start brushing from the soles of your feet and work your way up, always brushing towards your heart because that is the natural direction of your lymph. P.P.S If you don’t want to take my word for it, check out this more in depth aka professional opinion on Birchbox.

2. My name is Catherine and I’m a spend-a-holic. You can usually find me spending too much money on just about anything, and especially on this Fekkai Shampoo and Conditioner. In my defense, it smells like beautiful rainbows and makes my hair follicles feel like they got a follicle lift or something. This is all dandy until I run out of shampoo and conditioner at a time when I had not fiscally planned to run out of shampoo and conditioner. If this happens and I cannot convince my brother/roomie that he needs to use Fekkai too (we have the same type of hair bc we are related), I go with my plan b magical potion. Check it out here. IMG_9667 3. The body wash I use smells like it was meant to be in your room for a stay in a five star hotel. Obviously it comes in a bigger bottle than the baby ones in your hotel bathroom, but who doesn’t want to close their eyes and trick themselves into thinking they are at a five star hotel every morning? My other judgement of body wash character (besides whether or not it makes me feel luxurious) is based on how it suds up. Two very important things. I can’t stand body washes that produce minimal amounts of bubbles. I like to put it on my loofah and proceed to cover myself in bubbles. Rain bath does just that, getcha some.

4. I exfoliate every other day because every magazine I read growing up told me to and dead skin cells are the worst. One of my favorite scents is jasmine and I hit the jackpot in the jasmine lottery with this exfoliator because guess what? This Nip + Fab detox exfoliator is a yummy Jasmine and Green Tea scent!

5. My favorite face wash is Estee Lauder’s Perfectly Clean. It leaves my face feeling clean but not stripped of moisture and is successful in the battle I like to call  “removing catherine’s mascara.” Yeah. I tend to wear a lot. Anyways, I have worked at department stores and washed my face with approximately 1,307 different face washes, and this one takes the trophy as le best.

6. The flowers and the candle are part of my staging crew’s* attempt to chic up my shower pic. Doesn’t it look nice? * my alter ego

xx cath

Coachella Meets Dierks Bentley

With my summer-is-coming-to-an-end anxiety setting in full force, I have been frantically making sure I’ve covered all of the things on my Summer 2014 Bucket List*. In doing this strenuous examination of consciousness, I realized that I have not given myself sufficient opportunity to pretend like I was at a festival. Laugh all you want, but it is definitely a “thing.” As you can imagine, this dilemma was really weighing on my mind. I had to take some sort of action to prevent my FOMO* from getting any worse. I understaaaand that Richmond isn’t exactly the festival capital of the world or anything, but we do have a prettttttty solid outdoor concert scene. So we don’t have an actual festival for me to go to? Details. A girl has got to work with what she’s got, ya know? Taking care of business, I took it upon myself to rally up my lady friends (most of the guys opted out aka missed out) for a Coachella themed Dierks Bentley concert last night. Sounds like a case of polar opposites mostly because they are, but minus the blisters from my boots & the lingering hangover – it was a helluva time. Richmond girls need an excuse to drink a few cold ones and wear a festival-esque outfit just as much as everyone else. So I guess what I am trying to say is Dierks, if you are reading this, thanks for giving me the opportunity to pretend and more importantly, dress like I was at a festival. You are a peach.

Alas, my pretend festival outfit: Free People Eyelash slip, Sheer plaid shirt (similar here), Cowboy boots (similar here), Chanel bag, Dogeared Lotus NecklaceTassel NecklaceStone Age BanglesAlex and Ani Om bracelet, & Free People phone case .

*beaching, mojito drinking, saving a stray, trashy novel reading, and other intellectually stimulating things

*Fear Of Missing Out (it’s a thing)  Dierks, you are so funny.coachella outfit


IMG_3085 Preliminary footage. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Happy hour before festival night!
Happy hour before festival night!

My boots (top right) were so cute before they inflicted pain on me in the form of blisters.

Labor Day Weekend Shopping Spree

Three day weekends mean that Catherine has more free time to make excuses to shop aka support the economy. Here is my list of contributions:

image for tumblr post

1. 13-inch Macbook Air: you have changed my life forever. You are so thin & so fast, I can barely take my eyes off of you. Well, that is if I were to write a (non technical) love letter.

2. Danielle LaPorte’s orange book – Firestarter Sessions – has become one of my most recent accessories. I don’t go anywhere without it. Why? Bc I may have a spare moment to crack it open in between all things life. This book is jam packed with contagious, inspiring, creative, go-change-the- world-by-being-you energy. (have you ordered one yet?) It works for me. I like the way she speaks/teaches/coaches. Honestly, it is one of the reasons I am making a pact with myself to consistently blog. Just like the the title says, Danielle literally lights a fire under your arse – creatively speaking, of course.

3. GOLD turquoise jewelry, finally. I swear turquoise is paired with silver jewelry 80% of the time so when I saw a TON of gold turquoise jewelry in a new store in RVA called Altar’d State, I practiced self control and only left with 2 pieces.

Common question while shopping with moi: “Cath, don’t you already have that?” Loud sigh on my end, combined with a very stern reply: “No, I don’t have one that does [minor invisible detail] thisssssss.” Ok- big deal, I tend to purchase a variety of the same 4 things: booties, well cut t-shirts, turquoise jewelry, and anything black. One could say it is my uniform but you never know when the cycle of beautiful things may change. One day I may come home with a big poofy Cinderella dress in lieu of a hypothetical black tie event bc guys, I’m not that boring or predictable.

Tassel Necklace || Stone Age Bangle Set

4. SAM EDELMAN LOUIE BOOTIESYes, I am behind the band wagon on these and yes, I have had the target version. So you can imagine my excitement when my eyeballs saw these beauties at Nordstrom’s Rack over the weekend. I looked like an absolute psychopath.. No, guys, this is serious. I have a tendency to freeze up when something unexpected happens – and by freeze up I mean look like an alien/make awkward facial expressions etc. Well, I started reaching for the booties really slowly while refusing to look at the size until I tried to them on bc I was afraid of sheer disappointment. Heres the thing: I have looked on website after website for these booties and was continously let down. There was a complete lack of my size (which ranges from a 6-7 depending on how badly I want the shoe, in this case 6, 7 or maybe 8 would have worked..) I was full of peace when these booties fit like a kind of glove and I discovered that these booties were a size 7. Thank you, universe.

5. Paper straws: Anyone who is anyone has paper straws these days. I guess we have Instagram and the bar cart fad to thank for this. Despite the fact that the idea of “paper” straws seem like a soggy idea to me, the power of persuasion really worked here. I have a hypothetical pinterest bar cart and I’m a beer and wine girl but when I saw the straws, I suddenly couldn’t live without them. Sometimes I like beer through a straw anyways.


6. We the Free Circle in the Sand Tee by Free People. I bought this shirt in army green on Friday afternoon and took it off once for a wedding. Yes, I slept in it. Yes, I did the wedding parties makeup in it (video & pics to come!!!!!) It is my soulmate in T-shirt form.