Black Midi Dress

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How is everyone feeling on this fine evening? Are you loving yourself as much as Kanye loves Kanye today? How many times have you listened to the new Chainsmokers song? Do you like this ASOS dress?

I am going to leave this post mostly full of questions because I’m hungover from a fabulous event Reb and I attended at Perception Organic Spa in Carytown last night and let’s be honest, I’m kinda tired. Now that the truth has set me free, I would like to add that this dress is ah-mazing. It is so comfy, doesn’t wrinkle, has more flare than an LBD, and is appropriate for a wide range of occasions. It is going fast, so if you like it – snag yourself one on
View More: I had to caption this photo it would be: Why aren’t you following me on Snapchat?  View More:
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View More: Black Dress: ASOS / Shoes: Steve Madden / Bag: Glossier  / Glasses: TIJN Eyewear / Photos: Kaytee Lauren

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