Treat Yourself

This post is sponsored by Target, but all opinions are my own. cp tI can’t believe November is coming to an end and the holiday season is already here, filling our hearts and minds with thoughts of gifting and endless holiday shopping. If you tend to have a scatterbrain like myself, you know it is important to keep yourself organized among the holiday everythings.

My personal defense against my scatterbrain is old-fashioned lists. Yes, I know it’s 2015. And yes, I still use paper and pen. In fact, I have had an ongoing list for each gift-giving occasion on my calendar this holiday season. I am making my list and checking it twice to ensure everyone is accounted for this year—and let’s just say it has turned into somewhat of a mega-list. From secret Santa to Chinese gift exchanges to under-the-tree gift giving, this girl is going to be busy fulfilling her long, old-fashioned list of holiday shopping! What kind of gift-giving traditions do you have in your circle of family and friends?

Amid the craziness of never-ending gifts to buy to fulfill your personal traditions, remember to take some time for yourself this holiday season. Whether you prefer a spa day or a retail-therapy session, put an extra pep in your step with a little self-love before knocking out your long list of holiday to-dos.

I took my own advice and did a little retail-therapy session of my own. Thanks to Target’s Wonderlist (like I said, I love a good list), I left the store with a shopping cart full of goodies pictured in these photos. From eye-catching Essie nail polish to a versatile winter white vest to the ultimate black clutch on a chain for any holiday occasion, is it obvious that I was walking around Target with the silent mantra of “treat yourself”? So what if the minute I came home from my Target retail-therapy session I painted my toes gold with this luxe effects Essie polish? Sometimes it makes your holiday shopping a little easier when you take the time to have some fun, paint your toes, and treat yourself.

Luckily, Target created the Wonderlist this holiday season, which makes it all too easy to leave the store with a shopping cart’s worth of treats for yourself and all of your loved ones. cp t good 1cp t 1cp t 5Image-1cp t good 2VSCO Cam-1cp tGo to and search “Wonderlist” to see all the ways you can treat yourself and your loved ones with gifts from Target this holiday season! Find your style @TargetStyle.

See the outfit details here 

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