50-shades-of-bluestripe 1

Despite my attempts to be/think like a more interesting woman, I continue to wake up loving T Swift & the latest trends in just about everything. Before your mind starts firing off thoughts of basic this, basic that – hold your horses because I have an exception up my sleeve. I originally titled this post “50 shades of blue” but felt inclined to delete the 50 because, that’s right, I have not touched a book in the Shades of Grey series or seen more than 1/4 of the preview for the movie. I may not be the most interesting women in the world, but I am pretty stoked to have some proof that I don’t do everyyyyything the masses do.

P.S I feel inclined to reveal that (to my not-so-pleasant surprise) these J Brand jeans are meant to be……….capris. Yes, they look like perfectly hemmed denim skinnies on this short-legged-lady but I’ll tell you what, Cath is not complaining. What better than being able to throw on a pair of jeans, without a care in the world aka sans alterations?  If you have short legs or are in need of a pair of capris, head to Bahama Shop or find the link below.

Posted while listening to “Home to Mama” – Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson

new stripes 1

stripes 9stripe 5

new stripes 2new stripes 5Capri Novelty Button DownSplendid835 Capri DenimJ Brand‘Open Case’ Tassel FlatJeffrey CampbellGold Tier Drop Necklace: Chan Luu (similar here); Reflective Sunnies: Ralph Lauren (similar here); Bucket Bag: Louis Vuitton

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