MAKEUP bag reveal

 While most people my age are doing gender reveals, I am getting really intimate and doing a makeup bag reveal. For the first time on the world wide web – my makeup bag:

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 10.24.50 PM

1. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in Radiance ||  bc I’m obsessed with the dewy look. I’ve tried the beloved Smashbox primers, but they don’t do it for me. My biggest pet peeve is when my foundation sinks into my face/pores for a very matte look. What do I do to prevent this? Smother my face in la mer and this primer.

Overkill? No. C’mon, we all have our ticks.

2. Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation in Light Sand & Tarte Amazonian Clay Concealer in Fair || I always have to use something semi organic in my routine to make me feel as though I’m taking good care of my epidermis. This amazonian clay formula used in both the Tarte Concealer and Foundation is long wear, super blendable, and looks better the longer you wear it throughout the day. Remember, it’s natural.

3. Armani Eyes to Kill Eyeshadow Pallette in 7 Blush w Chanel eyeshadow brush || this is the perfect eye palette for any occasion, you can go from day to night by adding more and more maroon. As for the Chanel eyeshadow brush I can’t live with out, it is meant for contouring, but I use it for just about everything except for eyeliner. #Rebel

4. NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in Blonde || even if I am running out the door with just mascara aka not my whole Kim K face, you can bet your bottom dollar I’m using my 1st grade coloring skills to do my eyebrows ALWAYS. Didn’t anyone ever tell you these two suckers frame the face?

5. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Beige || I told you I was a big fan of the dewy look, I use this to highlight and sometimes get carried away and put it pretty much all over my face. ALL GLOW IS GOOD GLOW.

PS I forever fear getting a big fat sparkle stuck in one of my pours. Sparkly eyeshadows? Gross.

This is precisely why I prefer Bobbi Brown metallic anything: shimmer brick, eyeshadow, blush etc. I don’t do “sparkles” on my face and I say face because you know it always falls from your eyes to your face. Rant over.

6. Tarte Lipstain in Hope || these lip stains are my newest obsession. i don’t leave home without at least 2 different shades.

7. Bobbi Brown Blush in Sand Pink || this blush matches the shade of lipstick I tend to wear, I try to match the two as often as I remember.

8. Loreal Butterfly mascara in Blackest black || gimme 3 coats, and I’m good to go.

9. NYX color corrector in yellow: I am forever battling dark circles and no, it’s not because I party too much. I’m pretty sure its genetic.

Anyways, I’ve tried the pink and orange color correctors to cover up my devilish dark circles like most beauty counters would recommend, but those correctors are for circles that tend to be blue. My dark circles are more on the purple side so I need a yellow corrector to cover these bad boys up. This is the only yellow one I could find and I carry it with me evvvvvverywhere. Dark circles are my arch nemesis.

PS color corrector exists so that you don’t make the number one mistake in eye makeup application: slapping concealer under your eyes to “cover up” your dark circles….only to turn them gray. Womp. Make sure to balance your dark circles with the color corrector that suits you and then apply your usual concealer over top for the bright eye and bushy tailed effect. In a jiffy, your night on the town is invisible.



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