“Can I be you?” – Me to Angelina Jolie

tumblr_nb13qftRSe1t40ngoo1_1280 tumblr_nb13qftRSe1t40ngoo2_1280

Angelina and Brad’s recent nuptials in an ever fabulous fashion – secretly & in France – inspired me to re read the Elle cover story from June. As I was reading, I couldn’t help but think how much I truly admire the way Angelina speaks about her relationship with Brad. To reiterate what Angelina said in the page above: It is extremely rare; rare in Hollywood as most would say, but rare for people in general if you ask me. I think their love is something to be emulated.

On a lighter note and while we are on the subject of things I admire, lets go ahead and mention the flawless way Hedi Slimane, creative director at YSL, photographed Angelina for this shoot. Very real, very Angelina, and very I want to hang these photographs all over my room.

| Find the entire article in the June 2014 issue of Elle Magazine |

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