A Velvet Crush

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Rebecca and I (The Crystal Press) have both been on board with the crushed velvet trend. She recently scored some blue velvet booties and I recently picked up these grey ones. I love the way these boots compliment the TIJN mirrored sunnies in this ensemble. Not to mention, these Simmi booties give this ASOS black dress just the uniqueness that I was looking for. What velvet pieces are you crushing on this season?

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Don’t Stop Beliebing

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When I purchased this Justin Bieber shirt from Forever 21, I thought writing a blog post about it was going to be a no-brainer. Not only because is it an awesome graphic tee but because I’m obsessed with Justin Bieber like……obsessed in the way that I know my beliberness annoys the shit out of people and there’s no LOL about it. What I’m trying to say is: this post is not as easy as I anticipated and I am having a hard time putting my love for him into words. As much as I wish this were not true, I’m no master communicator. That being said, I am just going to have to let this shirt speak for itself and say you should get one too. Support the Biebs, guys.

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Fan Girl


If there is the best time to be in fashion for a blogger duo like The Crystal Press, I would have to say it is Spring/Summer fashion week in September when the weather is just right in NYC. Rebecca and I are still learning the ropes of this enchanting time of year but, boy, what we have learned so far has fulfilled dreams we’ve had ever since we were little girls. Before I go any further, let me just say we wouldn’t have been able to go on this trip without your support so thanks for following along with our adventures from the very beginning. Yes, that was a shout out to all of the TCP + Cathclaire OG’s.

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Roan If You Want To

Roan (noun): A realm of color, pattern, and texture that is never the same, never dulls, and has unlimited possibility.



Richmond peeps, have you been to Roan in Carytown? If you haven’t, you need to get there. From one of a kind dresses for a special occasion to the perfect outfit for a drink at Can Can with friends, this boutique has got you covered. The eye for impeccable style and design that Hank, the owner/buyer, has is out of this world. As if the shopping experience that Hank and his team have created at Roan isn’t enough, do you see this Roksanda dress I am wearing? Hank picked it out for me! I am an all-black-everything kinda girl and this dress fulfills my all-black needs with just the right amount of white peaking from the back of it.

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Black Satin

asos top 2

The moon must be doing something weird because lately I feel like I can barely keep up with my to-do list. You know those times when you write your to-dos down, but on different lists and then you less than ideally misplace them? That’s me rn.

Between fashion week prep, general life stuff, and a quick stint in Vegas today (all things I am very excited about), life has been quite the whirl wind over the past (barely there) week. However, in my overwhelming to-do list fog, I have managed to find another pair of Alexander Wang booties (!!).

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Blush Tones + The Clean Program

nude shirt 5


Blush tones are usually something I balk at, but I have been seeing them all over the blogosphere – and what can I say, I am persuaded. Ok thats a lie, the real reason I am into blush tones is because of the Glossier packaging. Let’s face it, a girl can find inspiration anywhere these days. Speaking of Glossier, how big of a girl boss is Emily Weiss? I recently read that she did the 21 Day Clean Program cleanse prior to her wedding day and well, since I’m engaged, I figured I had to give it a whirl as well.

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Queen of all Colors

“I’ve been 40 years discovering that the queen of all colours was black.” 

— Pierre-Auguste Renoirbody suit 5

Raise your hand if “does this come in black?” is your most asked question when shopping. While everyone’s hand but Anna Wintour’s is probably raised, this color is the queen of all colors. “It looks better in black” is my fashion mantra and this bodysuit from Nasty Gal is no exception. #Nastygalsdoitbetter

Sidenote: Does any one else feel uncomfortable when using Nasty Gal’s hashtag? Asking for a friend. 

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Rise Up in Ruffles

“The day will be what you make it, so rise like the sun, and burn.” – William C. Hannan
asos ruffle 3

I know I need a mental reset when I find myself in the habit of getting out of bed 5 minutes before I need to be out the door in the morning. On these kinds of mornings, I haphazardly hop out of bed anything but gracefully and (somehow) wash my face, brush my teeth, throw on an outfit, and carry my makeup bag out the door in a matter of minutes. In these instances, saying that I start my day flustered would be the understatement of the century.

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Embellished Stars

“We are stars wrapped in skin. The light you are looking for has always been within”

The Word Virus

star 2
I can’t wear this ASOS top without thinking of the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I don’t know anyone personally with their name on that walk of fame but I shamelessly do know that everyone is a star in their own right, shining in different ways. When the inevitable discomfort of change or growth comes around during the “figuring out what makes you shine” process, just remember that stars shine the brightest in the darkness – the perfect metaphor for life’s struggles. What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

Create more time in your day to do more of that.

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Doing the Unstuck

hm ootd jumping

Nothing says Happy Friday quite like a good ole soliloquy on feeling stuck, because let’s face it: everyone has times when this blah feeling creeps into their life.  There are different remedies depending on the stickiness of the situation, and if I had to make a comparison between concrete, quicksand (a phobia of mine since The Jungle Book), and mud – I would compare my recent sticky situation to being stuck in the mud.

That being said, I did what any person stuck in said metaphorical mud would do, and flooded all of my friends’/family members’ phones with questions asking for advice. While said advice was awesomely insightful, the conversations ended with me, myself, and that still very much stuck feeling (kind of like after a shopping therapy session at Barney’s).  After a couple of tries at the getting-advice-game, I came to the realization that I was trying to get someone or something to pull me out of the mud. However, this time, I needed to use my own muscles to pull myself out.


editIMG_9509hm ootd 3

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Celine Dreams with Trendlee

celine 7I will be the first to tell you that new (Celine) bags are what dreams are made of… I mean, how can you not stare at the colors on this bag? I rarely experiment with this much color in one outfit (yet alone an accessory) and I have to say, Celine makes coloring outside of my usual all-black-everything lines a ball of fun!  One of the best things about fashion is that you can mix up your outfits whenever your heart desires with a tweak or a purchase and this bag did just thought for moi (see how Rebecca styled another Celine here).

Are you looking for a new handbag to change your style up a bit for the summer? Look no further than Trendlee for a beautiful selection of gently used bags! We even have a code “THECRYSTALPRESS” for 5% off of your purchase, folks!

Trendlee favorites: Celine / Louis Vuitton / Saint Laurent / Chanel

celine 6celine 1celine 2celine 3celine 5

Black ‘Lilou’ Choker: Are You Am I / Ruched Sleeve Top: Storets / Frayed Denim Culottes: Zara (similar herehere) / Heels: Merona (similar herehere) / Bag: Celine c/o Trendlee / Sunnies: Illesteva Leonard (sold out, similar here)

A Chambray Revival

hm ootd 3While I wanted to continue to break out my spring dresses and cut-offs over the past week, mother nature decided that she had a whole-lotta-dreary weather on the agenda instead. When the April showers so rudely carry into May, Catherine’s fashion blogging plans must improvise – like a pop star who forgets their next dance move on stage and the show must go on. Do you think Selena Gomez or Beyonce would get discouraged because of a little choreography confusion or better yet, a little rain?

Side note: This is the sort of rhetorical question that I say out loud to Rebecca on a daily basis and she humors me without making me feel like a crazy person. As I type the question here, I can’t say I don’t feel like a crazy person…

Anyways, I digress, back to what Selena would do ……Selena would call T Swift for some inspiration + keep pushing through whatever discouragement comes her way. I shall do the same except sub T-Swift for Reb and discouragement for outfit affecting weather conditions. While I may not be risking a forgotten dance move amidst a Revival concert tour that involves being in front of thousands of people nightly, I am risking outfits that are unfit for weather conditions (just like every other non-Selena Gomez, normal person lol).  I will be the first to say that this fringe chambray button down is the something good purchase that came from me pushing through a little thing I like to call “fashionista’s block.” A little cold-supposed-to-be-spring weather aint got nothin’ on a good fringe button down. After all, Selena Gomez is rocking a C2H4 fringe jean jacket on her #Revival tour which means we are outfit soul sisters and we were definitely, positively in the same squad in another life.

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hm ootd 4DSC_0532hm ootd 5hm ootd 1hm ootd 2hm ootd 6Chambray Shirt: HM (similar here) Jeans: Topshop; Shoes: Similar here; Bucket Bag: Baggu; Black Choker: Urban Outfitters; Sunnies: Forever 21

The Dev Dress

rebecca minkoff dev dress

What goes through your head when you think of the month of May? I think of peonies blooming, The Temptations, The Met Gala, and (selfishly) my birthday. As I watch the looks roll in from the Red Carpet at The Met Gala, I distract myself from not being in attendance (LOL) with the fact that it is my birthday week. A pretty logical pick-me-up if you ask me, especially when your birthday week is kicked off with photos from Reb and I’s favorite photographers, J+D Photography (also shot with them here + here.) It is a true luxury to have such a talent located in the heart of Richmond and Rebecca and I are so grateful that J+D Photography could fit us into their busy schedule. These two and their team are in high demand and we have no doubt in our minds as to why. Shooting with David and Jada is nothing but enjoyable, if you can’t tell from the pictures of Rebecca and I!

While it is going to be hard to live up to this birthday week’s kick-off (thanks to Jada and David), Rebecca and I are going to end my bday week by officially celebrating my birthday on Saturday. You can follow along with our tour-de-Richmond on Bloglovin’s snapchat (add them: BloglovinHQ.) As long time users and lovers of Bloglovin’, Rebecca and I are a little too excited for The Crystal Press to takeover their snapchat on Saturday while we bee bop around the river city and clink glasses of Veuve Clicquot (it would be a birthday sin not to!) We can’t promise anything revolutionary, but we can promise entertainment so don’t forget to follow BloglovinHQ on snapchat so you don’t miss out!

PS: I found this Rebecca Minkoff chambray Dev Dress at Monkees of Richmond and it is such a staple for Spring. Be sure to head there if you are in need of the latest Spring trends and stay tuned for Reb’s look from Monkees later this week!

Posted while listening to Gorgeous by the X Ambassadors.TCO_000560rebecca minkoff dev dress rebecca minkoff dev dress rebecca minkoff dev dress j+d photorebecca minkoff dev dress j+d photorebecca minkoff dev dress


Dev Dress: Rebecca Minkoff / Bucket Bag: Baggu / Boots: Alexander Wang (similar here, here) / Mirrored Sunnies: Forever 21 / Lip stain: Tarte “Envy”

Invest in Yourself

zara vest 5

In contrast to my normal sequence of events, I thought of the title for today’s blogpost before I wrote it so looks like today’s post is an (obvious) play on words. You know, because I love this faux leather vest (as a shirt, over a shirt, etc) and I think inVESTing in yourself is the best thing since sliced bread.

When was the last time you invested in yourself? Whether it’s taking that creative writing class you’ve been eyeing or getting out of your comfy bed and going on that morning run your body has been craving, the concept of investing in yourself may seem trite (and sound a lot like the hook in the Biebster’s single “Love Yourself”) – but I think it’s something to be considered more often. One thing I did to invest in myself (and this blog) over the past few months was take a photography class at the Visual Arts Center here in Richmond. To tell the truth, my attention span loathes the idea of sitting in a class for 3 hours, but my heart is always happy that I went. I’ve met some awesome people and learned so many tricks of the trade that have helped Rebecca and I out with our photography for our duo fashion blog, The Crystal Press. Novices just the same but we are trying, folks!

That brings me to my next point (fueh, I need to take a breather this is a LONG one): the art scene in Richmond. Richmond has some of the best murals in the world and we are so excited to celebrate that and art in general at the Richmond Street Art Festival this weekend. To make it even better, we are launching #rvaPin 2 at the festival as well! We posted the first picture of it on Instagram last night here (drumroll for Reb’s photography skills please..) Anywho – come see us, get some pins, and support youth art education. It’s going to be a helluva time!

PS – If you can’t be there, don’t forget to follow along with our artsy fartsy adventures on Snapchat! (@cathclaire, @reb_tweetz)

zara vest 1zara v 2zara vest 6zara vest 4zara v redo

Faux Leather Waistcoat: Zara (similar here) / Sheer Embroidered Top: Forever 21/ Denim: Topshop “Jamie Jeans” / Platform Pumps: Balmain (similar here) / Sunglasses: Illesteva “Meyer” (sold out, similar here)

Free People Slip Obsessed


I first discovered this Raven Slip style by Freeps during the Richmond store one year anniversary event last spring and added it to my long list of free people slips I love instantaneously. I wore it in lavender, but my roommate/good friend/makeup-artist/sometimes photog snagged it in this color and lent it to me for my Cali trip last week. I usually wear the FP slips solo or underneath other pieces, but in this instance – I decided to give the Raven slip a little more of a jumper role. I am so excited about all of the slips that Free People has right now and have linked some below. What is your favorite freeps slip of all time?

Posted while listening to: “All In It” – Justin Bieber unspecified-9unspecified-8unspecified-11unspecified-12unspecified-7Slip: Free People (similar herehere); Sheer Black Shirt: Forever 21 (similar herehere); Black Booties: Alexander Wang (similar here); Bag: Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour; Sunnies: Forever 21

Yellow Lace in Venice Beach

alexander wang booties outfit

Can we all agree on the fact that time change is a freaking doozy? I am just back in Richmond from a stint in Los Angeles and despite not being able to hold my eyelids open, so excited to share this outfit post with you guys. I did a preview of this look on Instagram the other day and got such good feedback/lots of questions about where I got this shirt. Isn’t the lace paneling on the bell sleeves amazing? I’ll give you guys one guess where I got it from – none other than my favorite shop Forever 21. Am I the only one that relies on this store for great pieces? If you have a favorite Forever 21 piece right now, send it my way!

Special thanks to Tim Fegas for this awesome photoshoot in Venice Beach and to Beyonce for inspiring me to wear these sunglasses (she has them as well!) Can’t wait to do it again sometime soon.topshop denim skirtforever 21 yellow lace venice beachforever 21 lace yellow shirttopshop denim skirt outfit postforever 21 yellow lace top outfit Yellow Lace Paneled Top: Forever 21 ; Button Front Denim Skirt: Topshop; Black Booties: Alexander Wang (similar here + more budget friendly option here); Sunnies: The Row; Handbag: Sac Du Jour by Saint Laurent (budget friendly here)

Spring Picks with Zappos x Shopstyle

zappos 4

Is everyone counting down the days until Spring like the two of us? I will be celebrating the first day of Spring in California while Rebecca heads to Guatemala for a week. We will be apart from each other for a whole 10 days and the separation anxiety is going to be in full force. I am last minute heading to LA next week for fashion week and have partnered with our friends at Zappos & Shopstyle Collective to show you some of my favorite Spring picks (aka what will be my saving grace in my suitcase next week) from Zappos.com. Reb’s picks are shortly after mine!

When a last minute trip gets thrown into my lap, this is what happens: online shopping ensues and I start badgering Rebecca with hypothetical outfits like clockwork. Flying across the country right in time for Spring is the perfect opportunity to shop for easy, breezy pieces that are simple to pack and versatile. I was on the Zappos site for approximately five minutes before I stumbled across this LNA number and sent it to Reb immediately. I love the maxi dress version of their staple t-shirt. We both agreed that the cut out detailing is perfectly in line with the Spring trends and also mixes up the t-shirt maxi just enough to allow several re-wears throughout my Cali trip. I paired this maxi with 3 different pairs of shoes because that is exactly how I plan to wear it: with everything from sneaks, to Birkenstocks, to statement heels.

As if finding all these pieces in one place wasn’t enough, Zappos carries accessories as well! I snagged this pair of Ray-Bans that I have been wanting for sometime because I figured there was no better time to get them than in anticipation of Spring! The online shopping experience at Zappos is so ideal because they provide the best customer service and make returns easy peasy, as long as they are within 365 days!  Yes, you read that right: 1 year. So shop away on Zappos.com and try some new Spring trends without the pressure of a short return turnaround.

My outfit details and more are linked below >>zappos 1

zappos 2zappos 14zappos 6zappos 7zappos 8zappos 10

Levi Jean Jacket / LNA Dessert Crew Black Maxi Dress (another option here) / Ray Ban Icon Sunglasses / Birkenstock Sandals / Nike Free 5.0 Shoes / Splendid Jaylen Heels / Bucket Bag: similar  here / Top Handle Black Handbag: similar here /

Dream, Dream

nyfw 8

This outfit is a flashback to the look I wore to the Monique Lhuillier show during NYFW. Rebecca tried to snap a pic of me wearing this ensemble in Moynihan Station (where the show was located) but the lighting would not allow the way that the snowy NYC streets do here. I couldn’t have been more excited to use this Louis Vuitton bag courtesy of Bag, Borrow or Steal around the city and to different fashion shows. If you have been following along with The Crystal Press, you know that we are lovers of Louis Vuitton and this bag is no exception. On that note, this white Iris + Ink top (from Shopstyle) is one of my all time favorite shirts I’ve ever worn. The sleeves have amazing zipper detailing at the wrist and styling on the back of the shirt speaks for itself in these pictures.

All I have left to ask is – can every week be fashion week? A girl can dream.
nyfw 2nyfw 5nyfw 6nyfw 7nyfw 1Black Culottes: Forever 21 ; White blouse: Iris and Ink ; Coat: Forever 21; Bag: Louis Vuitton – Bag, Borrow, Steal; Boots: Alexander Wang (similar here), Sunnies: Forever 21

Thred Up: NYFW Style

denim jacket 1

One of my favorite parts about visiting New York City is the feeling of possibility that is so contagious while amongst the hustle and bustle of the big apple. Although this feeling of possibility is a beautiful thing, it can make planning for Fall/Winter fashion week a bit tricky. If only you could have witnessed the twiz Rebecca and I were in while trying to pack for this cold yet fabulous week of fashion. I felt like a broken record pre-NYFW because all I could say to Rebecca ( from The Crystal Press) was “I can’t wait to finish packing, get into our hotel room in the city, and blast ‘Welcome to New York’ by TSwift.” #thethingsthatcalmcatherine Let’s just say that sub zero temperatures and endless possibility make for very heavy suitcases. (I ended up with 60 lbs of clothing. This is not a joke.)

That being said, one of the most important things to pack when visiting the big apple is a great shoe that can get you to all of these potentially fabulous events in one piece, comfortably. I found the perfect boots for our NYFW adventures at ThreduP that are pictured below. These Prada boots made my toes feel like 10 friends at a tea party aka they are oh-so-comfy. ThreduP updated my wardrobe just in time with these Prada boots and let me tell you, these boots were made for walking. I can’t wait to throw them on with the perfect pair of cut-offs in the Spring.
denim jacket 6

denim jacket 7denim jacket 2denim jacket 4denim jacket 8

Denim Jacket: HM (similare here); Crop Top: Yumi Kim; Leggings: K by Kersh (Target); Shoes: Prada from ThredUp similar here; Bag: Sac Du Jour Saint Laurent Sunnies: Prada 54 mm

Nike Flyknit Frees

nike free 3

I am on a serious athletic shoe kick. I’ve incorporated these Flyknit Nike Frees into all my outfits over the course of the past few days while also having too much fun referring to myself as sporty spice. Once I started wearing these sneaks, I couldn’t stop because these Nike shoes are SO comfy. With all of the prepping for New York Fashion Week coming down to the last wire, comfort is paramount for all of my last minute errands. Need to get things done in a jiffy without sacrificing style for comfort? Pick out a pair of athletic shoes that you love and rock them with your next outfit because the sporty spice look is back.

nike free 2nike free 5nike free 8nike free 4nike free 6Sweater Dress: Forever 21; Longline Blazer: Nasty Gal (similar here); Sunglasses: Forever 21; Purse: “Pallas” by Louis Vuitton; Shoes: Nike Free “Flyknit”

Chubby Knit

carrie 3

If you like to mix and match things you already own like me, how about wearing your dresses in the winter with some jeans underneath and a chubby knit jacket overtop? Just because it’s cold out (ok..freeezing out) doesn’t mean we have to let our short sleeve dresses hibernate in our closets. I highly recommend pairing a pair of pants with your favorite weather inappropriate dress for some wardrobe versatility and a little fun. I love how a feminine dress can be balanced out by the masculinity of the jeans underneath. Feel free to show Reb and I what you come up with!

Posted while listening to “Same Old Love” Grey Remix by Selena Gomez. Follow me on Spotify herecarrie 9carrie 5carrie 15carrie 7carrie 11Chubby Knit Jacket: Cliche ; Floral Crochet Midi Dress: Forever 21 ; Frayed Hem Jeans: Rag and Bone ; Black Pumps: Steve Madden ; Sunnies: Celine ; Bag: Saint Laurent

Faux Expectations

asos fur 4

When I ordered this faux fur coat from ASOS online, I had high expectations. Online shopping and I have a love hate relationship because I am more of an in store shopping kinda girl. Online shopping seemed to get one over on me yet again when my initial try-on of this coat didn’t live up to said expectations….because more of a Chewbaca vibe ensued. C’mon I have seven brothers, I know who Chewbaca is. In fact, I can’t tell you how much time I spent in front of the mirror trying to create twin Princess Leia buns with my never long enough hair as a little girl. The good news is after trying to make this coat happen for the third or fourth time, it has finally grown on me – chewbaca vibes and all. (This below freezing weather doesn’t hurt either..)

Posted while listening to “Dangerous” by Big Data, Joywave.

asos fur 3asos fur 2asos fur 1asos fur 5

Faux Fur Coat: ASOS ; Black Asymmetric Tee: Nasty Gal ; Denim: Rag & Bone ; Shoes: Alexander Wang (similar here); Square Sunnies: Celine; Bag: Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour 

Wishlist Wednesday: Lottery Style

If this wish list is any indication, its all too easy to be completely impractical when it comes to making a wish list for the day that you win the lottery. If you haven’t ever made a wish list for the day you win the lottery, I suggest that you do for two reasons: is great fun and what better time to make a lottery wish list than when the jackpot has risen into the billions? Yes, you read that right: BILLIONS. Here are a couple of things I would invest in if we hit those winning numbers:


Veuve Clicquot Rosè Flute Set / Hermes Birkin / Yeezy Boost Elizabeth and James Feather Dress / 100 Baies Diptyque Candles / Aquazarra Forever Marilyn Heels / Lovers and Friends Denim / Louis Vuitton Blanket / Purse Pom Pom (similar here)


saint laurent 2

I’m a big fan of sunglasses that match the color of my hair. Prior to these Illestevas, the only pair in my wardrobe that fit this description were the champagne colored sunnies called “Remmy” by Raen Optics. While I love the Raen champagne colored sunglasses (and anything to do with champagne), you can never have too many amber-blondish sunglasses and these Illesteva’s proved just that. The combination of these amber frames with the silver mirrored lenses on these Leonard sunnies are the perfect pop of color in my typical Catherine all black ensemble. What is your go-to pair of sunglasses?

This blog post was posted while listening to “Amber” by 311. saint laurent 7saint laurent 4saint laurent 3saint laurent 10saint laurent 8Sheer top: Nasty Gal; Pencil skirt: Forever 21; Boots: Alexander Wang (similar here); Sunnies: “Leonard” by Illesteva; Handbag: Sac Du Jour by Saint Laurent; Matte Lip Color: Tom Ford “Pussycat”

Come On Eileen

eileen fisher 1

I borrowed this lovely coat from one of my best friends that visited RVA recently. This piece jived with my all black wardrobe seamlessly and the designer reminded me of what my name almost was: Eileen. My mom loves the name Eileen. I can’t see myself as anything other than a Catherine after 27 years of identifying with this name, but every time I hear “C’mon Eileen” by Dexys Midnight Runners I can’t help but wonder. A name is just a name, but I love it when life accidentally reminds you of all the decisions, small and large, that shape who you are today.

P.S I hope you all had a wonderful time ringing in the New Year. Thank you for following along with The Crystal Press + Cathclaire in 2015 and we can’t wait to share with you what 2016 has in store!

eileen fisher 9

eileen fisher 3eileen fisher 2eileen fisher 7eileen fisher 8Cropped Frayed Hem Jeans: Rag & Bone; Black Coat: Eileen Fisher (similar here); Black Camisole: Finders Keepers (similar here); Black Lace Up Heels: Steve Madden (similar here); Sunnies: Celine (similar shape here); Bucket Bag: Urban Outfitters

White Fabric Hack

crinkle blouse 6White fabrics like this HM blouse are beautiful, but I’m pretty sure everyone can agree that their stain vulnerability is not. I for one was quickly reminded of this fact when I spilled red wine on my brand new white duvet cover two nights ago. A white duvet with a red wine spill is severely disappointing, especially when you just rearranged your bedroom decor to favor said duvet cover (see my room pre-wine stain here). Simply put, a red wine stain on a brand new duvet cover equals a Catherine freak out.

After a few choice words and what I’m sure was a very flattering freak out session, I decided to listen when google told me to pour vodka onto my red wine debacle. Either my lucky stars were aligned or vodka really does dilute red wine stains because my Belle Epoque duvet came out of the wash machine without a trace of my spill. The moral of the story is wear your white shirts without fear because red wine stains are not as lethal as they used to be!  What hacks have you used to get red wine stains out?

Posted while listening to “White Dress” by Parachute.
crinkled blouse hm 2crinkled blouse hm 3crinkle blouse 5crinkled blouse hm 1

Crinkled BlouseHM ; CulottesForever 21Neck Tie: HM (similar here); Shoes: Asos (similar here + here); SunniesCeline ; Bucket BagUrban Outfitters

Skinny Checks

asos longline blazer 2What is your go-to outfit fixer upper? If my outfit is lacking, a blazer is my go-to fix. I am a lover of the classic blazer silhouette because of it’s flattering abilities and because it magically makes me appear way more professional than I am. Isn’t it great how clothing can do that? My collection of magical blazers is always growing and I have to say, this Asos Longline Skinny Check blazer is giving my favorite black Theory one a run for it’s money. I love the length of it, the price point (its on sale for $40…. just sayin) and the subtle print that allows me to throw it on with just about everything.

Posted while listening to: Wild by Troye Sivanasos longline blazer 3asos longline blazer 4asos longline blazer 1asos longline blazer 5Longline Blazer: Asos; Crop top: Topshop (similar here); Denim: HM; Stiletto Booties: Brian Atwood (similar here); Black Clutch: Target ; Mirrored Sunglasses: similar here

Virginia Tech vs UVA Game

VT 1

It is the Saturday after Thanksgiving and we have two words for you: college football. Reb and I both attended Virginia schools, and if you can’t tell from the colors of our outfits, I graduated from Virginia Tech and Rebecca graduated from the University of Virginia. Despite being tired from lots of Black Friday shopping, we are up and ready to cheer on our colleges in an old fashioned game of foozeball!

At noon, the Hokies take on the Cavaliers. While we wouldn’t classify The Crystal Press girls as football buffs, we will claim to know a thing or two about school spirit, especially when our respective teams are in question. That being said, we both adore our alma maters and will undoubtedly be talking crap to each other over a couple glasses of Veuve in the name of this statewide rivalry.

Aside from a Crystal Press and Virginia football rivalry, there is more than usual involved in this traditional football game this year. Today marks Frank Beamer’s last regular season football game of his whopping 30 year career at Virginia Tech. Frank has been with the Virginia Tech family since before I was born and I, along with many people, won’t recognize Virginia Tech without him. He isn’t just the face of the football team that the Hokies hold so dear, he is the face of the Virginia Tech community as a whole. Through thick, thin and absolutely heart wrenching times, Frank Beamer has been a rock for all of the Hokies across the nation. Join Reb + I and our rival alma maters  as we celebrate Frank’s career in a battle for The Commonwealth Cup.

Go Hoos, go Hokies, and thanks for everything Beamer.

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Treat Yourself

This post is sponsored by Target, but all opinions are my own. cp tI can’t believe November is coming to an end and the holiday season is already here, filling our hearts and minds with thoughts of gifting and endless holiday shopping. If you tend to have a scatterbrain like myself, you know it is important to keep yourself organized among the holiday everythings.

My personal defense against my scatterbrain is old-fashioned lists. Yes, I know it’s 2015. And yes, I still use paper and pen. In fact, I have had an ongoing list for each gift-giving occasion on my calendar this holiday season. I am making my list and checking it twice to ensure everyone is accounted for this year—and let’s just say it has turned into somewhat of a mega-list. From secret Santa to Chinese gift exchanges to under-the-tree gift giving, this girl is going to be busy fulfilling her long, old-fashioned list of holiday shopping! What kind of gift-giving traditions do you have in your circle of family and friends?

Amid the craziness of never-ending gifts to buy to fulfill your personal traditions, remember to take some time for yourself this holiday season. Whether you prefer a spa day or a retail-therapy session, put an extra pep in your step with a little self-love before knocking out your long list of holiday to-dos.

I took my own advice and did a little retail-therapy session of my own. Thanks to Target’s Wonderlist (like I said, I love a good list), I left the store with a shopping cart full of goodies pictured in these photos. From eye-catching Essie nail polish to a versatile winter white vest to the ultimate black clutch on a chain for any holiday occasion, is it obvious that I was walking around Target with the silent mantra of “treat yourself”? So what if the minute I came home from my Target retail-therapy session I painted my toes gold with this luxe effects Essie polish? Sometimes it makes your holiday shopping a little easier when you take the time to have some fun, paint your toes, and treat yourself.

Luckily, Target created the Wonderlist this holiday season, which makes it all too easy to leave the store with a shopping cart’s worth of treats for yourself and all of your loved ones. cp t good 1cp t 1cp t 5Image-1cp t good 2VSCO Cam-1cp tGo to target.com and search “Wonderlist” to see all the ways you can treat yourself and your loved ones with gifts from Target this holiday season! Find your style @TargetStyle.

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Fall Florals

gauchos 3

Today I am very excited to show off this Forever 21 floral cardigan AND to say that I can actually smell the roses and taste my coffee. For the past seven days, I haven’t been able to smell or taste in a normal manner because I have had quite the bout of sickness. After lots and lots of fresh juices, vitamins, essential oils, and absurd amounts of DayQuil, I think it is safe to say I am back to my normal Justin Bieber listening self! Speaking of Biebs, what do you guys think of his new album Purpose? Do you love it as much as I do?

Posted while listening to “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber

gaucho 2gaucho 6gauchos 1gaucho 10

Sheer Cardigan: Forever 21 / Shirt: Lush Clothing (similar here) / Shoes: Steve Madden Jilly Heel / Black Bucket Bag: Silence + Noise / Sunglasses: Forever 21 (similar here)



Happy Half-Birthday to Me

As I sit here listening to “Wild Things” by Alessia Cara drinking my espresso con panna, I am thinking on the past six months of 27 in an attempt to make this half-birthday celebration less silly. Despite the quizzical looks that follow my mention of half-birthdays to just about anyone, I still think half-birthdays are an awesome reminder to re-evaluate your goals, re-calibrate your life towards them, and to drink a little more champagne in celebration of you.

The older I get, the more sentimental I become about growing up and the more I find myself blasting Jay-Z’s “Forever Young.” If I’m feeling especially celebratory of perpetual youth, I watch this. Regardless of my Peter Pan never-grow-up mentality as of late, I think it is important to appreciate your past (even if it is just 6 months) and where it has brought you as often as you can as a reminder to savor as much as you can in the moment. At the heart of all good things is gratitude and what better time to remind yourself to be grateful but on your half-birthday!

Here is my photo journal of a couple of things I am grateful for over the past 6 months:


The Crystal Press has been a huge part of my life the past 6 monthsIMG_5444FullSizeRender

I have an unhealthy obsession with Drake & got to see him live for the first time at the 2015 ACL Music Festival thanks to my wonderful boyfriend!

The best facial of my life at the Four Seasons Austin!IMG_5434

Four Seasons relaxation station.IMG_5393IMG_5414

Being touristy in San Francisco at the Golden Gate Bridge gift shop.


M obsession with Irish coffees began at The Buena Vista Cafe in San Francisco.


The launch of the Chanel Boyfriend watch at New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015.

My first time visiting one of my very best friends in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.IMG_5124

Chatting it up with Tony Oller which is even cooler now because he’s been on stage with the revered Taylor Swift.

NYFW S/S 2015.IMG_5307 IMG_5350

The world races in Richmond, Va for the UCI bike race. Such an amazing time for my city!


The Crystal Press & Free People event at the Richmond store!

My favorite tropical vacation of all time, St. John.

Thats a wrap, folks. Let me know what you do to celebrate birthdays or half-birthdays. I’d love to hear your traditions!



Halloween Costume: Brandon Flowers

Disclaimer: this post reveals a Nordstrom giveaway at the very end!halloween 2Halloween is hands down my all time favorite holiday. Ever since I was little, deciding what I was going to be for Halloween was always a decision I took very seriously and seemed to make way earlier than other kids. Yes, I was the girl asking what my friends were going to be for Halloween seven months in advance. From a 50s girl, to Chipper Jones (tomboy phase, don’t ask), to Mary Kate Olsen, I’d like to think I was a pretty well rounded (prepared) Halloween dresser upper.

The unforgettable person that inspired my love of Halloween (and fashion, for that matter) was my Aunt Mary. If there was ever a queen of Halloween, she was it. She always helped me with my costume growing up and sent me Halloween care packages when I was away at college. My aunt made Halloween care packages a thing.. a very much anticipated thing at that. She loved the idea of dressing up in costume and her Halloween spirit was infectious. She passed away a couple of years ago, and to this day – I get a little more outrageous on Halloween in her honor.

I decided to dress up as the lead singer of The Killers, Brandon Flowers. Rebecca and I saw him in concert this summer and I pretty much fell head over heels for him (don’t judge until you see him live.) Anyways, Brandon’s thing was feather epaulettes and lets be real, who turns down an excuse to unapologetically wear feather epaulettes? When I went down one of my I’m-obsessed-with-Brandon-Flowers rabbit holes via google, I found this quote in regards to his signature feathery Dior blazer:

“The feather epaulettes were my most fabulous style statement. When I get into the jacket I feel good and very triumphant. It’s the old cliche of putting the mask on. I don’t know if I could get up in front of 70,000 people at festivals without my feathers on.”

Brandon, if you’re reading this – I feel pretty triumphant in my blazer adorned in feather epaulettes, too. Thanks for the inspo, bud. halloween 1bflow 2halloween 4

If you are getting into costume this Halloween, you will be excited to hear about the contest The Crystal Press is hosting this year. In order to qualify, share this blog post & share a picture of your costume via social media tagging @thecrystalpress and #TCPHalloween. The best costume will win a $50 gift card to Nordstrom! Reb and I can not wait to see all of your entries!

Posted while listening to “This is Your Life” – The Killers

PS: This costume consisted of feathers from a local craft store attached with fabric glue, a sheer white button up from H&M, the darkest black eye makeup, and a fo-hawk courtesy of my multi-talented roommate & great friend, Meg Decker. Follow her on insta @megeliza.

halloween 6

Dancing on My Own

nifty 3In the spirit of Halloween (my all time favorite day, stay tuned for my costume post), what do you do regularly that scares you or that causes you to step outside your comfort zone? “Do one thing a day that scares you” is one of those quote-things that appears in lots of self help articles, books, and well…the Lululemon manifesto. Basically, it’s everywhere. I have seen this quote so many times that I have come to reference it often, even in important situations like when debating dancing/singing to Shania Twain by myself in my non-tinted-windows-car. (Wait, did I just giveaway that I read too many self-help every things and dance by myself in my car?) Why yes, this is my little way of scaring myself once a day: by dancing and singing loudly while driving (hands on the wheel, obvi) when others can clearly see me. Do they care? No. Does it scare me still? Eh, kinda. I’m a pretty normal-ish human who cares about what strangers driving by me think. Ridiculous as it may seem, what I’m trying to say is I’m not one for sky diving or haunted hay rides or bungee jumping or roller coasters or anything the average joe would consider scary or at the very least, an adrenaline rush. I scare myself by dancing visibly in my car by myself to super-dee-duper fun pop music. We all have to start somewhere as the self-help writings also say and at this rate, maybe I’ll watch a scary movie by the time I’m 50.

Posted while listening to: “Dancing on My Own” by Robyn

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nifty 8top shop bodycon lace skirtnifty 2

A Classic Case of the Mondays

louis vuitton neverfullWhat do you do when you wake up with a classic case of the Mondays? Whenever I wake up moving slower than I’d like and with a lack of motivation on a Monday, I try to remedy this less than ideal situation asap. (Disclaimer: some days it works more effectively than others.) My first move (besides waking up) is to get a nice, strong cup of joe. I know everyone has a different preference when it comes to strong coffee, but when I’m looking to put a big ole pep in my step, I grab a large iced coffee to combat the tiredness. After that mission is accomplished, I get all scholarly and consult my book of quotes for the mental part of my case of mondays. I have a few go-to’s* that help me shift my perspective from “another-work-week-FML-i-want-to -stay-in-bed-I-hate-my-alarm-I-hate-everything” to “a-new-week-equals-a-new-beginning-and-you-only-live-once-maybe-i-should-turn-on-drake.” All cathclaire gibberish aside, I try to shift my perspective from negative to positive. Maybe my simple two part remedy elicits a mere placebo effect but hey, I’ll take it.

  • “Leave some room in your heart for the unimaginable” – Mary Oliver
  • Just look at life with more playful eyes. Don’t be serious. Seriousness becomes like a blindness. Don’t pretend to be a thinker, a philosopher. Just simply be a human being. The whole world is showering its joy on you in so many ways, but if you are too serious, you cannot open your heart.” – Osho 
  • “Set your life on fire — seek those who fan your flames.”  – Rumi
  • “Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it’s at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored.” – Earl Nightengale

Posted while listening to “The Motto” – Drake CP 2free people tunicCP 4

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navy baby

t shirt maxi dressOver the course of the summer, I have been dabbling in Marie Kondo’s book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” in an attempt to get my room & wardrobe organized once and for all (aka I am a recovering hoarder.) Marie’s solution to this conundrum consists of making sure everything I own brings joy & has a designated place in my abode. As you can imagine, applying this principle is quite challenging when dealing with all things related to my wardrobe. I have come across so many pieces of clothing that I haven’t worn in what feels like forever and I almost never can find it in me to get rid of these pieces despite my attempts to learn this Japanese organization method. Instead, I do the complete opposite of what Marie Kondo intended by adding my lost and found collection into the mix of my everyday attire with a different style. By different, I don’t mean anything strikingly profound. I simply mean I tie a knot somewhere in said piece of clothing. My mantra for the summer should have been “tie a knot in it” because this has come in handy countless times over the past couple months. My point is knots are a great way to change up something you already own for multiple wears. Shop this maxi from old faithful Forever 21 below and pick up these Belle by Sigerson Morrison flats at the Shoebox in RVA!

PS I’m not giving up on this organization method! Stay tuned for future progress notes on my tidying project.

Blogged while listening to “Free” by Cody Simpson. 

forever 21 maxi dressblue 4blue3

Shop the full look here 

black on black

lush nordstroms fashion blog
lush #ootd

I write this as I nurse a well-worth-it hangover from the Brandon Flowers concert at The National here in Richmond last night. I was over served, if you will. To give you an idea, I was the girl that went to the “after party” advertised on the venue’s bathroom door with Brandon Flowers’ face plastered on it. This had to mean he was going to be there, right? I was convinced throughout the whole concert that he was going to the after-party at Coda (right next door) until I left one song early (to secure my spot, duh) and was sadly informed that Brandon Flowers was in fact not attending the after party. It was a devastating moment. So, here I am, nursing a hangover and googling him until my eyes fall out. Give his new album “The Desired Effect” a listen.

Blogged while listening to “They’ll Never Get You Right” by Brandon Flowers (had to)

lush nordstroms blog

blvk 4

PS The High Rise Festival Shorts from Hollister are on sale! Shop the rest of the look at the bottom of this page: http://www.thecrystalpress.com/black-on-black/

14 Days of Target Denim

This post was promoted by Target. All thoughts & opinions are our own.
target 1 a
We have been living in Target Denim for the past two weeks trying out their new styles that just launched in stores. As long time lovers of all things denim, receiving a package of jeans for free addressed to The Crystal Press made our July. We snapped a diary of pictures to showcase and review each of our favorite styles for you guys. Our package was chock-full of fashionable styles that ranged from boyfriend to high-waisted to skinny to acid washed to flannel lined and beyond! In case you haven’t noticed, the two of our body types are complete opposites and we have different preferences when it comes to denim brands (aka legs vs no legs.) It was a relief to find that Target is a place we can do our denim shopping together!

target 4 atarget collage 10target 12target denim  9target denim reviewimagetarget 16Target Reviewtarget collage 4 atarget denim reviewimagetarget denim reviewtarget 20

Target Collage 11caths denim reviewOut of all the new Target denim styles, I found myself really gravitating towards the boyfriend jeans (pictured above & online here), the high-waisted flare light wash denim, and my all-time favorite jeans: the high-waisted skinny (pictured below.) These jeans made my go-go-gadget-long-legs come to life and I am over the moon about it aka wearing them right now. As far as I am concerned, this pair of denim might as well be a miracle worker. I am the girl that rocks jeans outside the house, but the minute I get back into the comfort of my home, I swap said denim for a pair of leggings. With this high-waisted skinny pair, I found myself….wait for it… keeping them on for the whole day without a care in the world! If you happen to suffer from short leg syndrome, pop over to Target and try on these puppies.

target collage 31

rebs denim review

If you’re like me, you went through that stage in college where you ONLY WORE SKINNY JEANS. Well, at 27, these flannel lined boyfriend jeans were welcomed into my wardrobe with open arms, as were the regular boyfriend jeans. While I do love the occasional acid wash pair of skinnies (as seen above), when I’m trying on denim or surfing the world wide web, I am usually looking for that pair of jeans that still feels great even after you eat a 4 course meal.  Target definitely pulled out all of the stops when it comes to making you feel confident in choosing the right pair to fit your personal style and body type.

target denim review

We know you have those jeans in your closet that make you feel like you are dressed in somewhat of a sausage casing, so at this affordable price – why not trade those oh-so-tight jeans in for a brand new style or two? If you like that idea, stop by your local Target starting July 26th to try on your personal favorites to receive $10 off (we recommend you go down a size!) You can also shop online, but seriously –  go try on some jeans & put that $10 dollars where it belongs. In your savings account (for that bottle of Veuve Rose.)

Find your style @TargetStyle




free people richmond Unless this is the first post on The Crystal Press that you have seen, you know that we LOVE Free People. On any given outfit post you are guaranteed to find any range of accessories, intimates and clothes from our favorite boho-boutique. When the Richmond store approached us to be a part of this #FPSummerDays anniversary event, saying that we were excited is an understatement. We had such fun trying out different outfits and most importantly getting our hair done by the lovely stylists from 1213 Hair Studio.

Oh and how could we forget: champagne & cupcakes. It was basically our dream event and these photographs definitely show us in our element – laughing, drinking and showing off some sweet threads. Thanks to all of the free people stylists and especially the store manager, Jamie, for putting together such a fabulous event!






















DSC_1214Cath is wearing the Free People Raven Slip & ‘Bella’ Seamless Crop. Reb is wearing Free People Shapeless Chamray One-Piece & Geo Lace Bralette in coral.

St. John, USVI

I went to St. John a couple of weeks ago & I am finally getting my photo diary together! I am a lover of all things beach, but I must say in terms of the tropical vacations, St. John takes the cake. Everything in St. John is breath taking: from the food, to the people, to the beaches. St. John is a small island & the closest airport is located on St. Thomas. Do not fret, St. John is just a ferry away. There are two ferry stations in St. Thomas but I recommend ferrying from Red Hook to get to St. John. Red Hook is a longer car ride from the St. Thomas Airport, but it is a much shorter ferry ride to get to St. John. If the weather permits, get a seat on the top deck of the ferry. It is such a treat to see these beautiful islands by boat.

Posted while listening to “Face the Sun” by Miguel feat Lenny Kravitz.
sj 1

At the St. Thomas airport. Who needs terminals when you have the beautiful St. Thomas weather?

ferry to st. john usvi The top deck of the ferry traveling between Red Hook, St. Thomas & Cruz Bay, St. John.
red hook st john travel post
Yes this water is real life. And so are these Old Navy sandalsbeach bar st john usvi

After picking up our jeep (everyone rents a jeep), our first stop was Beach Bar! I have no shame in admitting I made an appearance at this restaurant every day I was on the island.

PS: If you plan on transporting more than two people around the island, make sure to clarify that your jeep has a back seat!

st john at night usviAfter catching up with friends & wondering around the island our first day, we finally made it up to our villa. The view was already dark, but still a beaut!sj 2Like a little kid on Christmas, I kept anxiously waking up to see if the sun was out yet because I was dying to see the view from our villa in the daylight. This picture doesn’t do the view justice. Talk about the ultimate beauty shock. 

trunk bay st john usviTrunk bay is THE most amazing beach I have ever seen. It costs a couple of bucks to get onto the beach, but if you are looking at the same picture I am looking at: the juice is worth the squeeze.sophie kinsella shopaholic to the stars

My book of choice on this beach trip was “Shopaholic to the Stars” by Sophie Kinsella. I have been reading the Shopaholic series since I was a sophomore in high school and obviously, not much has changed. If you want an easy read & a good laugh, Becky Bloomwood (the main character) will do it for you. st john travel usvi

The traveling Presidente, lol.

trunk bay st john usvi

We spent one day on Maho Bay. I made the ultimate rookie mistake and fell asleep in the sun because sorry, I was in ultimate relaxation mode with this view. Maho Bay left is mark on me and it was not pretty, but there are no hard feelings.

IMG_4855skinny legs menu st john usvi
skinny legs st john usviWe went on an adventure in search of Skinny Legs in Coral Bay that was recommended by Reb! I am glad we made the trek from Cruz Bay. I recommend a chili dog, yum. ootd st john travel post

Posing with my new best friend & the St. John signature drink, the painkiller. If you know what is good for you, request Pussers rum. This rum in a painkiller makes all of the difference.beach bar st johnBeach Bar, again. (Reb had already told me it would be my favorite spot, as it is definitely hers! I direct quote “Beach Bar just screams ‘take a picture of me.’)st john sunset usvicruz bay st john usvijeep rental st john usvi

The roads in St. John are cray. I never got behind the wheel because I am a weeny and am not a fan of roller coasters, scary things, etc.

sj 4
gallows point resort review gallows point st. john usvi

I spent one day at Gallows Point Resort. The pictures on their website do not do this resort justice, it is really peaceful. You have a private beach, a nice condo, and these views.
beach bar st. john usvi

One of the bartenders at Beach Bar had on an amazing vintage (or something like it) Beach Bar t-shirt. He directed me to the gift shop so I could purchase one for myself. After coming out empty handed (because none of the shirts were as cool as his), he proposed a deal. He said he would give me his shirt (that he bought 10+ years ago) if I bought him another one that I thought would look good on him. Yes, I did so & yes, he took the shirt off of his back and gave it to me. I told you the people in St. John rock.
painkiller st. john usvi Just a painkiller & a pina colada – nothing to see here.

IMG_4843My boyfriend is a huge fan of selfies. JK!
sj 5sj 7sj 8Selfie practice makes perfect. This picture falls into the practice category.

IMG_4649IMG_4650ritz carlton st. thomas breakfast st. thomas ritz carltonst. thomas ritz carlton travel blogSince Richmonders are Ritz Carlton deprived, I always make a point to visit the Ritz wherever I go. The Ritz Carlton anywhere will forever be my happy place. St. Thomas is just a ferry away from St. John, so I had no excuse. The one is St.Thomas may be my favorite Ritz yet.

The moral of this photo diary is: I hope you say yes to visiting St. John if you get the opportunity. You’ll never look back.




Ever since I can remember, I was an avid journal-er. Keyword: was.

Since my graduation from Virginia Tech, I have journaled consistently only when I am wading through a hard time. Other than those oh-so-wonderful-hard-times, I have allowed myself to digress into a sporadic journal-er post college graduation. I hadn’t even noticed I’d put my hobby on the back-burner until I came across the TIME article that we mentioned in our Weekly Roundup yesterday here.

Needles to say, this article has made a mark on my lazy brain because I have been carrying my journal around with me everywhere since it came into my life. There is something to be said about writing about…nothing. Maybe most of my sentences aren’t complete, I use too many abbreviations, and reference too many pop songs – but I feel saner & I know my future self will thank me for it. Plus, we all know reading old entries and getting insight or a belly laugh is the best part.

Blogged while listening to “Pyscho” by Rozzi Crane.

wd 1wd 4wd 2wd 3wd 5High Slit Dress: Forever 21 (similar here & here); Super Skinny JeansJ BrandBlack Stilettos: ASOS (similar here); Renaissance BanglesDavid Yurman;  Reflective AviatorsRay-BanBucket Bag: Louis Vuitton


50-shades-of-bluestripe 1

Despite my attempts to be/think like a more interesting woman, I continue to wake up loving T Swift & the latest trends in just about everything. Before your mind starts firing off thoughts of basic this, basic that – hold your horses because I have an exception up my sleeve. I originally titled this post “50 shades of blue” but felt inclined to delete the 50 because, that’s right, I have not touched a book in the Shades of Grey series or seen more than 1/4 of the preview for the movie. I may not be the most interesting women in the world, but I am pretty stoked to have some proof that I don’t do everyyyyything the masses do.

P.S I feel inclined to reveal that (to my not-so-pleasant surprise) these J Brand jeans are meant to be……….capris. Yes, they look like perfectly hemmed denim skinnies on this short-legged-lady but I’ll tell you what, Cath is not complaining. What better than being able to throw on a pair of jeans, without a care in the world aka sans alterations?  If you have short legs or are in need of a pair of capris, head to Bahama Shop or find the link below.

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new stripes 1

stripes 9stripe 5

new stripes 2new stripes 5Capri Novelty Button DownSplendid835 Capri DenimJ Brand‘Open Case’ Tassel FlatJeffrey CampbellGold Tier Drop Necklace: Chan Luu (similar here); Reflective Sunnies: Ralph Lauren (similar here); Bucket Bag: Louis Vuitton


I’ve always been confused by the concept of a summer sweater until this Bailey 44 white cage number came into my life. I can think of a million things I want to wear this sweater with and I am so thankful for Bahama Shop in Virginia Beach for allowing The Crystal Press to style looks with their amazing pieces! It was so fun getting to spend the day with them and play with all of their beautiful things!

If you make it to VB this summer, I highly suggest you pop into Bahama Shop which is just a couple of blocks from the ocean front to take a peek. What can be better than a trip to visit the ocean and a perfectly curated boutique moments away? Stay tuned for the next few looks on TCP to see what Bahama Shop is made of!

Beware: you can spend hours pining over all of the denim, flowy tops, & killer shoes at the shop. Plan your beach day accordingly.

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cath vb 1cath vb 2cath vb 3cath vb 4cath vb 6cath vb 7Nairobi Sweater: Bailey 44Bandit Cut Off Denim ShortsOne TeaspoonHenilee Lace Up HeelsDolce Vita ; Sunnies: Ralph Lauren (similar here)


Who doesn’t love a great pair of jean shorts? I traveled all over the greater Richmond area & surrounding internet looking for THE pair for me & guess where I ended up?

Hollister. Essentially the last place I thought I would enjoy myself & I even walked out with two tops on top of these denim cut offs. But it is all alright when you witness the amazingness of the CCH top I paired them with. (Stay tuned for an interview with CCH’s Carter Johnston, up next!)

blogged while listening to “Stole the Show” – Kygo (ft Parson James)

cch collection fashion blogcch fashion blog cch 3cch collection fashion blogcch collection fashion blog richmondcch collection fashion blog richmondPop TopCCH CollectionHigh Rise Festival ShortsHollisterLayered Coin Necklace: Forever 21 (simiilar here); SunniesForever 21Black Stiletto Sandals, ASOS, similar here.

The Nudist Sandal

You know that feeling when you walk out of a dressing room in a new style & the sales associate is 99.9% unimpressed? This was my first experience with boyfriend jeans years ago. I emerged from the store’s dressing room proudly sporting the then new jean style & was greeted by the store employee with the combination of a quizzical look & a lecture about how unflattering the jeans were to my short legs.

It is instances like these that my borderline delusional love for fashion comes in handy. If I want to wear something, I take it VERY seriously. I am going to wear that something like there is no tomorrow and probably for an uncomfortable amount of days in a row. According to the book of Cath, the art of dressing is about what makes you feel your best, not about what people around you observe or say. Yes, I have short legs & yes, there are styles that are considered more elongating or flattering as that sales person was helpfully implying but who cares? Boyfriend jeans was what I had my heart set on and despite my unsuccessful go-go-gadget-long-legs command, boyfriend jeans is what I walked out of that store with that day.

PS Who needs a fairy godmother when you have the most comfortable boyfriend jeans & these Stuart Weitzman 21st century glass slippers?

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the nudist sandal nudist stuart weitzman nudist 7 fashion blogger the nudist stuart weitzman nudist 9nudist 8 copy Asymmetric TopH&M ; Distressed Boyfriend Jeans: Current Elliot (similarhere); The Nudist Sandain Platinum NoirStuart WeitzmanAviator Sunnies:Ray Ban;  Dany Tiered Drop Collar Necklace in goldFree People


rva ootd postAside from my tom boy phase in middle school, I have never considered myself much of a nature person. The more I dabble in photography & The Crystal Press – the more I have grown to appreciate a beautifully kept garden or a tree in bloom. The majority of the world would call this a simple case of maturity but I like to think of my process of appreciation as unique to myself in a semi-narcissitic way. That being said, while I loathe matching in #ootd form – I can one hundred percent enjoy how my Freeps tunic matches the blossoms in these photos from Byrd Park in Richmond. Stay tuned for this top to make an appearance as a bathing suit cover-up in St. John in a few weeks! Cheers to multi-purpose clothing, right?

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cath byrdbyrd park rvafree people ootdfree people ootdcath byrd 8style long free peopleWashed Button Down Tunic: Free People910 Lowrise Skinny JeansJ BrandBlack Lace Up Wedges: Report (similar here); Half-Moon SunglassesFree PeopleSilver Rock Candy Mini Lollipop NecklaceIppolita;  Bucket BagLouis Vuitton



chloe free people tee

I was compelled to name this post Chloe when I saw it was the name of this Free People top that I purchased at Nordstroms at The Grove in LA because anyone who has known me at any point since this scent came out will recognize the smell of Chloe (this one) as my signature scent. I wore way too much of it when it launched at Saks with no fear of smoking my college friends out with my perfume. Hitting people with my wall of perfume was my goal apparently because I get texts to this day of people recognizing the scent and thinking of me. Ah, #college. Gotta give it to the memory of those olfactory glands!

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P.S How sweet are these Red Nectar Sunglasses?

chloe printed tee ootdchloe printed teechloe printed teechloe printed tee fashion bloggerchloe free people topchloe free people tee

Chloe Printed Tee: Free People; Giddy Up Harness Bra: Free People; The Skinny: 7 for All Mankind; Platform Black Heels: Similar here; Red Steez Sunnies: Nectar


wishlilst intermix

Here is a list of a couple of pieces Rebecca & I  are lusting over right now at The Crystal Press. Clearly we are loving the 70s comeback.

1. Camel Ankle Zip FlapFrye

2. Stud Earring SetHouse of Harlow

3. Nourishing Rose OilLaura Mercier

4. Black & White Fold Over ClutchAntonello

5. Off The Shoulder Crop TopApiece Apart 

6. Beckett Bell Rivington Flare JeanRag & Bone